Boiler Service Burnaby

Roma Heating is the main boiler service company in Burnaby and the Lower Mainland. Roma has been servicing home and office boilers in Burnaby for more than twenty years. We likewise install and fix boilers, furnaces, AC systems, tankless frameworks, gas fireplaces and everything else in the HVAC area. We are reputable for our moderate expenses.

Boiler Service Burnaby Keys

We are a member of FortisBC. Also, the BBB gives Roma Heating an A+ rating. The best suggestion from the BC Safety Authority is to get a yearly service examination for each boiler system. It is critical to the longest life expectancy of your boiler in Burnaby. It is likewise important to your boiler’s smooth running. Boiler service and maintenance can prevent issues before they start. What’s more, they can decrease any unnecessary fixes or supplanting parts. In conclusion, it assists with bringing down your energy bill and gas utilization. So, you will save more every month and waste less energy.

Boiler Service Burnaby Expertise

All Roma’s technicians are experts with numerous years in boiler service and fix in Burnaby. All statements for boiler service in Burnaby are in detail reports. What’s more, Roma Heating suggests getting quotes from other companies to make sure that we have the best price. We are a member of the B.C. Safety Authority. Just call us.

Boiler Service Burnaby Specifics

Setting up a usual timetable for your boiler service will keep you protected and warm all year. It will likewise set aside your cash. Gas units ought to be adjusted at least once per year, as suggested by the B.C. Safety Authority. By setting up a customary calendar, you can leave all the subtleties to us. We will arrive at your home or office in a completely prepared van. In a short time, maybe two hours, we will service all parts of your boiler and give you a composed report on its present condition. Dealing with boiler issues before they become serious is our advice.

Some questions you may have

How can I service my home boiler unit by myself?

Here are a few things you can do.  Look at the vent pipes for rust and blockages.  Look at the pipe connections to make sure they are tight.  Turn off the power and check inside for dirt and rust.  Vacuum inside.  If it is an older unit, oil the pump and motor.  If you have an older style thermostat, check to make sure it is level. Roma Heating advises replacing old thermostats with the newer ones on the market.  Turn up the thermostat to start the boiler.  When the heat is up, bleed the radiator.  Reset the thermostat.  Finally, have a look at your CO detector to make sure it is working.  During the cold-weather months, the CO detector should be checked at least once a month.  Roma Heating offers free advice for these and other questions about your boiler or other HVAC units.

We also provide boiler repair in Surrey.

Roma Heating offers free advice for a boiler repair in North Vancouver.

We repair your boiler in West Vancouver.


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