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Looking for reliable heat pump services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, or other areas in British Columbia? Look no further than ROMA Heating & Cooling. With over two decades of experience, we specialize in heat pump installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. Our skilled technicians provide fast and reliable services across the Greater Vancouver region, including all of its diverse neighborhoods.

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At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of heat pumps, providing efficient and reliable service across the Greater Vancouver area. With over two decades of experience, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of brands and models, ensuring your home enjoys consistent and comfortable temperatures year-round.

Our Installation Process

1. Free Consultation and Estimate: We start by offering a free consultation to discuss your heating and cooling needs. Our experts will help you choose the perfect heat pump that suits your home’s specifications and your budget.

2. Customized System Design: Each installation is tailored to meet the unique needs of your property. We ensure that every component is perfectly matched for the most efficient operation.

3. Professional Installation: Our licensed and bonded technicians will install your heat pump with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance. We follow all local codes and manufacturer instructions to the letter.

4. Comprehensive Testing and Commissioning: After installation, we thoroughly test and adjust your new system to ensure it operates at peak efficiency.

5. Follow-Up Maintenance and Support: We offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your heat pump running smoothly. Plus, our 24/7 emergency service ensures that you are never left in the cold.

Brands We Service

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we service and install a variety of heat pump brands, including but not limited to:

Popular Models We Install and Service

Each of these brands offers several models that have proven effective in our installations across British Columbia. Here are five models from some of the top brands we work with:

  • Lennox XP25: Known for its precise temperature control and efficiency.
  • Trane XV20i: Offers variable speed technology to adjust to your heating and cooling needs automatically.
  • Carrier Infinity 20: Features Greenspeed Intelligence for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Goodman GSZC18: Provides excellent durability and performance with a low sound output.
  • Rheem Prestige Series RHPN: Ultra-efficient with EcoNet™ Smart Monitoring System technology.

Areas We Serve

ROMA Heating & Cooling proudly serves all areas within the Greater Vancouver region, including:

Heat Pump Models and Services Offered by ROMA Heating & Cooling

Lennox Heat Pumps

Lennox XP25: Known for its high efficiency, this model is the most precise and efficient heat pump you can buy. Lennox XP20: Offers variable-capacity control to precisely match the cooling and heating demands of the home. Lennox ML14XP1: A single-stage heat pump that provides basic efficiency and comfort at an economical price.

At ROMA, we ensure expert installation and service for Lennox heat pumps, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and comfort for your home.

Trane Heat Pumps

Trane XV20i: Top-tier model featuring TruComfort™ technology, which adjusts speed in small increments to keep the temperature consistent. Trane XL18i: High-efficiency two-stage unit, great for those looking to reduce their energy bill. Trane XR14: A budget-friendly option that offers reliable performance and comfort.

ROMA Heating & Cooling’s certified technicians specialize in the precise installation and thorough maintenance of Trane heat pumps to enhance home comfort and energy efficiency.

Carrier Heat Pumps

Carrier Infinity 20: Features variable-speed technology coupled with Greenspeed intelligence for adaptive energy use. Carrier Performance 16: Offers economical performance and versatility in managing home comfort during the warmer periods. Carrier Comfort 15: Designed to be economical and robust, providing reliable cooling and heating.

We provide complete installation, maintenance, and repair services for Carrier models, ensuring your system operates smoothly year-round.

Goodman Heat Pumps

Goodman GSZC18: Known for its quiet operation and high efficiency. Goodman GSZ16: Provides excellent energy savings over standard heat pumps at a more economical price point. Goodman GSZ14: A robust and reliable entry-level model for efficient heating and cooling.

ROMA technicians are well-versed in handling Goodman heat pumps, offering professional installation and repair services tailored to your needs.

Rheem Heat Pumps

Rheem Prestige Series RHPN: An ultra-efficient model that includes a smart monitoring system for optimal performance. Rheem Classic Series RP17: Utilizes triple-stage performance to maximize comfort and energy savings. Rheem Classic RP15: A mid-range model that offers durability and efficiency.

Our team provides comprehensive service for Rheem models, from installation to ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs.

Amana Heat Pumps

Amana AVZC20: This high-efficiency model features Inverter Technology to adjust cooling and heating capacities to your need. Amana ASZ16: Combines high performance with energy efficiency to provide exceptional home comfort. Amana ANZ14: Known for its cost-effectiveness and reliability.

With ROMA, you receive expert installation and maintenance services for Amana heat pumps, ensuring year-round optimal performance.

Bryant Heat Pumps

Bryant Evolution Extreme 24: A variable-speed model that provides superior energy savings and precise temperature control. Bryant Preferred Series 2-stage: Offers flexible family comfort with two-stage operation. Bryant Legacy Line: An economical model that provides reliable comfort and performance.

Our professional services include installation, routine maintenance, and efficient repair of Bryant heat pumps.

Daikin Heat Pumps

Daikin Fit: Compact size with side discharge providing a solution for homes with limited installation space. Daikin LV Series: Offers high efficiencies and quiet operation with features like high-density sound dampening foam. Daikin RX24NMVJU: Ideal for moderate climates and designed to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling.

ROMA Heating & Cooling ensures your Daikin heat pump is perfectly installed and maintained for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Maytag Heat Pumps

Maytag PSH4BG: Offers iQ Drive technology, adjusting operating speeds for optimum comfort. Maytag M1200: With high SEER and HSPF ratings, this model ensures efficient performance. Maytag PPA2RF: A multi-position, all-electric heat pump that provides dependable performance.

We specialize in the installation and service of Maytag heat pumps, ensuring they deliver efficiency and comfort to your home.

Kenmore Heat Pumps

Kenmore 8670: Energy-efficient with a durable design that ensures prolonged unit life. Kenmore 8674: Designed for optimal usability and efficiency in residential settings. Kenmore 8672: Reliable under varying climatic conditions, offering steadiness and efficiency.

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive service for Kenmore heat pumps, from detailed installation to regular maintenance and prompt repair services.

Comprehensive Guide to Heat Pump Sizing for Different House Types in British Columbia

When considering a heat pump installation or needing heat pump repair in British Columbia, it’s crucial to understand how different house sizes correlate with heat pump capacity. Proper sizing is essential not only for ensuring optimal comfort but also for maximizing energy efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of your system. Below is a detailed chart to guide you in understanding the appropriate heat pump size for various house sizes.

Heat Pump Sizing Chart

House Size (Square Feet)Heat Pump Size (Tons)
Less than 1,0001 – 1.5
1,000 – 1,5001.5 – 2.0
1,500 – 2,0002.0 – 2.5
2,000 – 2,5002.5 – 3.0
2,500 – 3,0003.0 – 3.5
Larger than 3,0003.5 and up

A detailed load calculation performed by a professional HVAC contractor from ROMA Heating & Cooling takes into account local climate conditions, house orientation, types of windows, insulation quality, and household occupancy. This ensures that the heat pump size matches your specific needs perfectly.

House Size (Square Feet)Heat Pump Size (Tons)Ideal for Home Type
Less than 1,0001 – 1.5Small apartments, condos, or townhouses in dense urban areas such as Downtown Vancouver or Victoria.
1,000 – 1,5001.5 – 2.0Medium-sized single-family homes or duplexes in areas like Burnaby or Surrey.
1,500 – 2,0002.0 – 2.5Larger single-family homes in suburban regions such as Langley or Coquitlam.
2,000 – 2,5002.5 – 3.0Spacious homes or those with additional spaces such as a basement suite in areas like Richmond or North Vancouver.
2,500 – 3,0003.0 – 3.5Very large homes or those needing multiple zoning solutions in communities like West Vancouver or Maple Ridge.
Larger than 3,0003.5 and upEstate homes or multi-family dwellings in expansive areas such as Abbotsford or Chilliwack.

A professional HVAC contractor from ROMA Heating & Cooling will perform a detailed load calculation before recommending a heat pump. This calculation considers local climate, house orientation, window types, insulation levels, and household occupancy to ensure the unit matches your home’s specific needs.

Scenario Analysis for Different House Types in British Columbia

Scenario 1: Compact Urban Home

  • Location: Downtown Vancouver
  • House Size: 850 square feet
  • Recommended Heat Pump Size: 1.5 Tons
  • Details: Ideal for smaller living spaces such as apartments or townhouses with limited area for ductwork. A 1.5-ton heat pump is sufficient to manage the heating and cooling demands, ensuring energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort. This size is also suitable for minimizing operational noise in a dense urban environment.

Scenario 2: Suburban Family Residence

  • Location: Surrey
  • House Size: 1,800 square feet
  • Recommended Heat Pump Size: 2.5 Tons
  • Details: Perfect for medium to large single-family homes with multiple rooms. A 2.5-ton heat pump provides adequate power to handle larger air volumes, ensuring consistent temperatures throughout the house. This size accommodates the varied climate conditions of Surrey, from cool winters to warm summers, and can efficiently manage energy consumption.

Scenario 3: Large Rural Property

  • Location: Chilliwack
  • House Size: 3,200 square feet
  • Recommended Heat Pump Size: 4 Tons
  • Details: Designed for larger estate homes or properties with extensive ground coverage. A 4-ton unit is essential for maintaining comfort across more spacious and possibly segmented living areas. It supports zone heating and cooling, which is ideal for homes with distinct living spaces that may have different temperature needs.


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