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Looking for reliable boiler services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, or other areas in British Columbia? Look no further than ROMA Heating & Cooling. With over two decades of experience, we specialize in boiler installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. Our skilled technicians provide fast and reliable services across the Greater Vancouver region, including all of its diverse neighborhoods.

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At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we are dedicated to providing top-notch boiler services that ensure your home stays warm and your system operates efficiently year-round. Whether you require a new boiler installation, routine service, essential repairs, or thorough maintenance tune-ups, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle all your boiler needs.

Boiler Installation

  • Initial Consultation and Assessment: We begin by evaluating your home’s heating requirements to recommend the best boiler system that suits your needs.
  • Professional Installation: Our certified technicians ensure a seamless and compliant installation, from setting up the boiler to connecting it with your home heating system.
  • System Testing: After installation, we conduct comprehensive tests to ensure the boiler operates efficiently and safely.

Boiler Service and Maintenance

  • Annual Check-Ups: Routine service is crucial to maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your boiler. Our annual check-ups include inspection of pipes, valves, and gauges to ensure everything is functioning correctly.
  • Maintenance Tune-Ups: We perform preventive maintenance that includes cleaning key components, checking for leaks, and adjusting controls to optimize performance.
  • Safety Inspections: Safety is paramount. We inspect all safety components, including pressure relief valves, thermocouples, and carbon monoxide detectors, to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Boiler Repair

  • Emergency Repairs: Our team is available 24/7 to handle any boiler emergencies, from leaks to breakdowns, ensuring minimal disruption to your comfort.
  • Fault Diagnosis: Using advanced diagnostic tools, we accurately identify and fix issues such as inefficient heating, unusual noises, or intermittent boiler cycling.
  • Quality Replacement Parts: We use only high-quality, durable parts for repairs, enhancing the longevity and reliability of your boiler.

Why Regular Boiler Maintenance is Essential

  • Efficiency: Regular maintenance ensures your boiler operates at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and lowering heating costs.
  • Longevity: Well-maintained boilers are less likely to break down and have a longer operational life.
  • Safety: Preventive maintenance reduces the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide leaks and other safety hazards.

Top Boiler Brands We Service and Install

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we service and install a wide range of boiler brands, known for their reliability and efficiency. Here are ten of the top brands we work with:

  1. Viessmann – Known for high efficiency and sustainability in boiler technology.
  2. Buderus – Offers durable and efficient heating solutions with advanced technology.
  3. Navien – Specializes in high-efficiency condensing boilers.
  4. Bosch – Renowned for reliable and energy-efficient home heating solutions.
  5. Rinnai – Leading manufacturer of on-demand water heating systems.
  6. Lennox – Provides innovative boilers that deliver precise heating controls.
  7. Carrier – Known for energy-efficient, quiet, and durable boilers.
  8. Weil-McLain – Offers a broad range of energy-efficient, high-quality boilers.
  9. Peerless Boilers – Known for their dependable heating products and robust designs.
  10. Crown Boiler – Features a wide lineup of efficient and reliable heating products.

Top Picks and ROMA Service Excellence

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we are committed to providing top-tier boiler services, from installation to maintenance and repair. Here, we spotlight some of the best boiler models and series from renowned brands, ensuring that our clients in Canada have access to the most efficient and sustainable heating solutions. Our expertise extends to servicing these high-quality boilers, guaranteeing optimal performance and durability.


  1. Vitodens 100-W – A popular choice for its compact design and efficient operation, ideal for residential use.
  2. Vitodens 200-W – Known for its weather-compensated operation and energy efficiency, suitable for both residential and commercial settings.
  3. Vitocrossal 300 – This large-scale commercial boiler is revered for its stainless steel heat exchanger and high operational reliability.
  4. Vitodens 222-F – A floor-standing model with integrated storage tank, perfect for homes needing a compact and powerful heating solution.
  5. Vitovalor PT2 – Combines heat and power generation, offering a revolutionary approach to home energy.


  1. Logamax Plus GB142 – Ultra-efficient and environmentally friendly, this model uses condensing technology ideal for saving on gas bills.
  2. Logano GC144 – A new generation of boilers that offers improved efficiency and durability with a robust cast iron design.
  3. Logano G234X – Known for its atmospheric gas design and easy operation.
  4. Logano G334X – A heavy-duty option that is perfect for commercial applications with its high output.
  5. Logamatic TC100 – A smart thermostat system that optimizes boiler performance and enhances energy management.


  1. NFB-C Series – A commercial boiler that provides high-efficiency heating with a dual stainless steel heat exchanger.
  2. NHB Series – Ideal for residential applications, offering a broad range of heating capacities and eco-friendly operation.
  3. NFB Series – Known for its advanced burner system and high turn-down ratio, perfect for varying heating demands.
  4. NFC Series – Combines domestic hot water and space heating in one high-efficiency unit, suitable for larger homes or small commercial settings.
  5. NPE-A Series – Advanced condensing technology with a tankless water heater integrated, great for efficiency and continuous hot water supply.


  1. Greenstar Gas Condensing Boilers – Exceptional efficiency with quiet operation, ideal for residential use.
  2. Buderus GB162 – Perfect for commercial settings, providing high outputs and a modular design for flexible installation.
  3. Thermotechnology SSB Series – Stainless steel boilers designed for maximum durability and efficiency in commercial applications.
  4. Greenstar Pro Combi – For homes needing both heating and hot water, this model provides high efficiency in a compact design.
  5. Greenstar FS Series – Floor-standing models that bring high efficiency and ease of installation to larger residential homes.


  1. E Series – Designed for homes with smaller heating requirements but does not compromise on efficiency.
  2. Q Series – Boilers that provide powerful home heating with high efficiency, suitable for larger homes.
  3. M Series – Condensing boilers that offer versatility and efficiency with modulating technology.
  4. I Series – Perfect for homes requiring both domestic hot water and heating with an integrated coil.
  5. H Series – Hybrid units that combine the technology of tankless water heaters with traditional boilers for supreme efficiency and performance.

Comprehensive Boiler Installation, Service, Repair, and Maintenance Tune-Ups at ROMA Heating & Cooling

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we are dedicated to providing our customers with expert boiler services across the Greater Vancouver Region. Whether you need a new boiler installation, routine maintenance, repair, or a complete system tune-up, our team of certified technicians is here to ensure your home heating system operates efficiently and reliably. Here’s a detailed look at our boiler services:

Boiler Installation

  • Initial Consultation: We start with a consultation to understand your heating needs and to assess your home’s heating infrastructure.
  • Selection Assistance: Our experts help you choose the right boiler that fits your home’s requirements and budget, focusing on energy efficiency and space.
  • Professional Installation: Our certified technicians handle the installation process, ensuring that your new boiler is set up correctly and integrated seamlessly with your home’s existing heating system.
  • System Testing: We thoroughly test the newly installed boiler to ensure optimal operation and adjust settings for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Boiler Service and Maintenance

  • Annual Inspections: Regular inspections are crucial to maintaining the efficiency of your boiler. Our technicians check for leaks, examine heating controls, and ensure that all components are functioning correctly.
  • Preventive Maintenance: We perform preventive maintenance to prolong the life of your boiler, which includes cleaning key components, checking for corrosion, and testing safety mechanisms.
  • Efficiency Optimization: Our service includes adjustments to your boiler’s operation that enhance efficiency, helping to reduce your energy bills and environmental footprint.

Boiler Repair

  • Rapid Response: Our emergency repair services are available 24/7 to address any issues you may encounter with your boiler.
  • Expert Troubleshooting: We diagnose problems quickly and provide effective solutions, from replacing worn-out parts to correcting system malfunctions.
  • Quality Replacement Parts: We use high-quality parts for repairs to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability of your boiler.

Maintenance Tune-Ups

  • Comprehensive Check-Up: Our tune-ups include thorough checks of the burner, heat exchanger, fuel lines, and connections to ensure everything is in excellent working order.
  • System Flushing: We recommend periodic flushing of the boiler to remove any sediment buildup, which improves efficiency and prolongs the life of the boiler.
  • Settings Adjustment: Adjustments are made to the operational settings of the boiler to ensure it is tuned to provide optimal heating performance throughout the year.

Recognizing the Signs Your Boiler Needs Attention and How ROMA Can Help

Maintaining the efficiency and reliability of your boiler system is crucial for ensuring comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient conditions in your home or business. Recognizing the early signs of boiler issues can help prevent costly repairs and prolong the lifespan of your system. Here’s what to watch for and how ROMA Heating & Cooling can assist:

Signs That Indicate Your Boiler Needs Professional Attention:

  1. Strange Noises: Knocking, whistling, or gurgling sounds can indicate air in the system, low water pressure, or imminent pump failure.

  2. Poor Heating Performance: If your boiler struggles to heat your space effectively or if there are significant variations in temperature, it could signal issues with your thermostat or internal components.

  3. Leaks and Drips: Any sign of water leakage around your boiler is a concern. Leaks can lead to structural damage and indicate that internal components, like seals or valves, may be failing.

  4. Increased Energy Bills: An unexpected rise in energy costs can suggest that your boiler is no longer operating efficiently. This inefficiency can stem from a variety of issues requiring professional diagnostics.

  5. Frequent Resets: If you find yourself frequently resetting your boiler, it could be a sign of underlying problems, such as blockages or electrical faults.

  6. Age of the Boiler: Boilers typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years. If yours is within or beyond this range and experiencing frequent issues, it might be time to consider a replacement.

  7. Yellow or Flickering Flame: A healthy boiler flame should be blue. A yellow or flickering flame can indicate incomplete combustion, a serious issue possibly due to carbon monoxide production.

How ROMA Heating & Cooling Can Help:

  • Expert Diagnosis: Our skilled technicians use the latest tools and techniques to accurately diagnose the issues with your boiler.

  • Comprehensive Repairs: Whether it’s replacing a worn-out part, fixing leaks, or adjusting system settings, ROMA provides complete repair solutions to restore your boiler’s efficiency and safety.

  • Preventive Maintenance: We offer tailored maintenance plans that include regular inspections and tune-ups to keep your boiler running smoothly. This not only prevents future problems but also ensures your system is as energy-efficient as possible.

  • System Upgrades: If it’s time for a new boiler, we can help you choose and install a modern, more efficient model suited to your specific needs and budget.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service: Recognizing that issues can arise at any time, ROMA offers round-the-clock emergency service to address your boiler problems immediately, ensuring your comfort is quickly restored.

  • Safety Checks: We prioritize your safety by performing thorough checks for carbon monoxide leaks and ensuring that all components meet current safety standards.

How to Calculate the Correct Boiler Size for Your Home

Choosing the right boiler size is essential for achieving optimal energy efficiency and comfort in your home. An undersized boiler won’t keep your home warm during the coldest months, while an oversized boiler will use unnecessary energy and increase your heating costs. At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we ensure that each boiler installation is tailored to the specific needs of your home, taking into account several important factors. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to calculate the right boiler size:

Understanding Boiler Size

Boiler size is typically measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour. The right size depends on various factors, including the home’s square footage, climate zone, insulation quality, and your family’s unique heating needs.

Key Factors in Boiler Sizing

  1. Home Size and Layout:

    • Square Footage: The total heated area of your home is the starting point. Generally, more square footage requires a higher-capacity boiler.
    • Layout: The number of floors, room configuration, and the presence of high ceilings can affect heat distribution and retention.
  2. Insulation Quality:

    • Walls, Floors, and Ceilings: Good insulation significantly reduces heat loss, which can lower the heating demand and boiler size.
    • Windows and Doors: Double-glazing and well-sealed doors help retain heat and reduce the boiler capacity needed.
  3. Climate Zone:

    • Geographical Location: Homes in colder climates require more powerful boilers to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
    • Local Weather Patterns: Areas with frequent temperature fluctuations may benefit from a boiler with modulating capabilities.
  4. Existing Heating System:

    • Type of Heat Distribution: Whether your home uses radiators, underfloor heating, or forced air can impact the type of boiler and its size.
    • Hot Water Needs: If you use the boiler for both heating and domestic hot water, this will increase the required capacity.
  5. Energy Efficiency Goals:

    • AFUE Rating: The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating indicates how well a boiler converts energy into heat. Higher efficiency boilers might be more expensive upfront but can offer significant savings on energy bills.

Steps to Calculate Boiler Size

  1. Calculate Base Heat Requirement:

    • Multiply your home’s square footage by the BTU per square foot that is appropriate for your climate. This figure can range from 30 to 60 BTUs per square foot. For example, in a moderate climate, 50 BTUs per square foot is a standard estimate.
  2. Adjust for Insulation and Windows:

    • If your home is well-insulated and has high-efficiency windows, reduce the BTU calculation by 10-20% to reflect the reduced heating load.
  3. Consider the Layout and Hot Water Needs:

    • For homes with multiple levels or extensive hot water usage, consider a slightly higher BTU output to ensure adequate heating and hot water supply.
  4. Factor in Efficiency:

    • Choose a boiler with an AFUE rating of at least 90% for best results in energy conservation and heating performance.
  5. Consult with Professionals:

    • Due to the complexities involved in boiler sizing, consulting with a professional HVAC technician is recommended to ensure accurate calculations and the selection of the right boiler type for your home.

Why Choose ROMA Heating & Cooling for Your Boiler Needs?

  • Expertise and Experience: With over 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry, our team is equipped to handle any boiler-related task.
  • Comprehensive Service Coverage: We offer a full range of services from installation to repair and maintenance, ensuring your boiler system remains in top condition.
  • Commitment to Quality: We are committed to providing high-quality service using the best materials and the latest technology.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our focus is on ensuring the satisfaction of our customers with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective heating solutions.

For more information on our boiler services or to schedule a consultation, contact ROMA Heating & Cooling today at or visit our location. Ensure your home remains comfortable and energy-efficient with our professional boiler services.

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