Burnaby HVAC Installation

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[et_pb_column type=\”4_4\”][et_pb_text admin_label=\”Text\”]Burnaby, nestled in the heart of the Greater Vancouver Area, is a bustling city with diverse residential and commercial needs, especially when it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. With the weather patterns ranging from chilly winters to warm summers, the importance of a reliable HVAC system cannot be overstated. ROMA Heating & Cooling, a leader in the HVAC industry since 1999, offers top-notch HVAC services across Burnaby and its sub-areas, focusing primarily on installation services to ensure your comfort all year round.

Our Premier HVAC Installation Services in Burnaby

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we understand the unique needs of Burnaby residents and businesses. Our comprehensive range of HVAC installation services includes:

Furnace Installation

Ensure your home or office stays warm during the cold months with our energy-efficient furnace installation services. Our skilled technicians are experts in installing a variety of furnaces, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Air Conditioning Installation

Beat the heat with our state-of-the-art air conditioning systems. We provide professional installation services that keep your space cool and comfortable, even during the hottest days of summer.

Boiler Installation

Our boiler installation services cater to those who prefer radiant heating systems. We install high-quality boilers that provide consistent and efficient heating throughout your property.

Heat Pump Installation

Opt for an eco-friendly and versatile heating and cooling solution with our heat pump installation services. Heat pumps are ideal for providing comfortable temperatures year-round while reducing energy consumption.

Thermostat Installation

Gain control over your HVAC system with the latest in thermostat technology. We offer smart, programmable thermostats that make it easy to set and maintain the perfect temperature in your space.

Additional Installation Services

  • Tankless Hot Water Heaters: Enjoy endless hot water with our tankless water heater installations.
  • Lennox Installation: As authorized dealers, we specialize in the installation of Lennox HVAC systems, known for their quality and reliability.

Why Choose ROMA Heating & Cooling?

Licensed and Bonded

We are a fully licensed and bonded company, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in our services.

No Hidden Fees

Transparency is key to our operations. We offer detailed quotes with no hidden fees, ensuring you know exactly what to expect.

Zero Percent Financing

To make our services more accessible, we offer zero percent financing options to our clients, allowing for easy payment plans without added financial burden.

Emergency Services

Our team is available 24/7 to address any HVAC emergencies in Burnaby, ensuring your comfort is restored as quickly as possible.

Serving All of Burnaby and Its Sub-Areas

We proudly serve the entire Burnaby area, including but not limited to North Burnaby, South Burnaby, Burnaby Heights, and Metrotown. No matter where you are located, our team is ready to bring you the best in HVAC solutions.


For over two decades, ROMA Heating & Cooling has been at the forefront of providing expert HVAC installation and services in Burnaby. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction ensures that your HVAC needs are met with the highest standards. Contact us today to experience unparalleled HVAC services in Burnaby.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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