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One of the things that have given several homeowners sleepless nights is the banging noise from their heating system, especially the boiler. Heating systems are a must to combat the harsh Canadian winters, but sometimes the heating systems can be a source of misery when they become too noisy or ineffective over a period of time. There are many reasons why boilers can become noisy. It is best to call a professional to check your boiler systems and get them thoroughly checked for noise rather than opting for some DIY method. Noises from heating equipment could be due to many serious or not-so-serious reasons and you could potentially risk an injury or electrocution if you were to check the problem yourself. Although it is advisable to call a professional to check for a potential problem, here are a few reasons why your boiler is making a lot of noise.

Limescale deposit

One of the most common causes of boiler noises is the mineral deposition that occurs in the heating pipes. Boiler pipes have water running through them and many times this water is actually hard water that contains many types of minerals. These minerals can leave a residue while passing through the pipes. As a result, limescale deposits are formed. These solid chalk like deposits build up inside the pipes over a period of time causing issues with your boiler functioning. Boilers typically heat the passing water just below the boiling point somewhere at 82 degrees. But due to limescale deposit, a lot of hot spots are created which cause the water to boil in places. These air pockets create a loud banging noise. Your local HVAC specialist will shut down the system and treat the tank with a chemical descaler over a period of time so that the deposits can be flushed out.

Issues with the pipe

Another possibility that your boiler may be making too much noise is the overall quality of your pipes. It is possible that the pipes of your boiler system may have run out of their lifecycle. Older pipes, sagging pipers, frozen sections along the line and water content in steam pipes or steam or air entering the water pipes can cause significant issues with the boiler system, including characteristic banging sound inside your walls. Such an issue can correctly be assessed only by a qualified and trained technician.

Other possible issues

A noisy boiler could be a result of many underlying issues. Sometimes when the boiler tank burner is too large for the tank, it can create bursting air pockets that eventually result in chaotic clanging. Another reason for noisy burners is kettling. Kettling is caused as a result of a small circular pump, a faulty thermostat, contaminants or design flaws. When it comes to issues with your fireplace, air duct, heating system or boiler maintenance, it is best to have a licensed and experienced HVAC technician check for any faults or issues. If you suspect that your heating appliances are not functioning properly, or you want to set us a regular maintenance schedule for your home or commercial property, speak to our associate at Roma Heating for a detailed analysis and recommendation specific to your heating system.