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If you have ever had to take a cold shower in the chilling winter because your water heater conked off, you would realize how important these tips on maintaining your water heater can be. Water heaters, if maintained adequately and serviced regularly, can last a lifetime. Though servicing them can be a bit costly, maintaining them with our top tips is easy.

Getting the right temperature

Setting too high temperature can result in your water heater to burn out. Ideally, the temperature has to be lower than or around 120 degrees. The temperature setting valve can be found either on the lower part of the water heater or sometimes on the rear side, depending on which model you have.

Pressure relief valve

Testing the pressure valve can be an easy way to determine if your water heater system needs a replacement. Life the pressure relief valve halfway and let go. If your heater is functioning well, the valve will ideally snap back to its original position. You may also hear the sound of water being released down the drain. If this does not happen, you may have to look for a replacement.

Condensing unit check

One of the parts that suffer maximum wear and tear is the condensing unit fan. It is important to routinely check the fan for any wears and tears, cracks or bumps on the fan blade and replace them immediately. Checking on this alone can help to make your equipment last longer. For older models, make sure to oil the fan motor frequently and look for signs of overheating, melted insulation, or burned wires. It is advisable to depend on reputed professionals like Roma Heating Ltd., for major maintenance issues.

Flush System

Due to constant exposure to water, the flush system is vulnerable to corrosion and rust. As you cannot perform a complete flush, since the whole system must be turned completely off and the water tank must be full, a partial flush is a good option. For correct partial flushing put a container under the drain valve and turn the valve counter-clockwise. The heater releases water into the container. If you have an electric water heater, make sure to turn off the circuit before draining out, else it will burn out.

Maintenance for gas and electric heaters works differently. For an electric heater, make sure to spot the circuit breaker and check for loose or broken wires at the top of the heater. It is advisable to depend on a certified electrician if you are unsure. For gas heaters, shut down the gas first. Then clear the air passage to the burner before completely draining. Remove dirt debris and grime atop of the heater to ensure the exhaust flue is secure.

Maintenance schedule

Make sure to note the date when the last quality and equipment checks were performed. Then you can plan and schedule the next checks accordingly. Ideally, heaters must be checked on a bi-yearly basis as a preventive measure for warm, cozy and comfortable winters.

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