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If you have recently purchased a beautiful home with an older boiler system, or you are finding that your current unit does not seem to be performing as well, it might be time to look into it more. In this post, we will be answering questions homeowners have about boilers and debunking myths.

Do boilers boil water?

No, boilers today do not actually boil water. The name comes from boilers in the past that boiled water to produce steam. Boilers today are essentially water heaters that usually use natural gas. Depending on the radiation system, it can heat water between 145 to 190’F.

How do boilers heat water?

Boilers emit radiant heat that gives off heat to objects in a room. Forced air furnaces warm air in a room, which means the objects absorb heat slower. Some prefer boilers because then they can set their thermostat to a lower temperature, which heats the room using less energy. Other people say that boilers give more balanced heating throughout their home during colder months.

What are the most important things to know about a boiler?

You should know whether your boiler is high-efficiency or a standard efficiency model. Standard efficiency is vented through a metal pipe while high-efficiency boilers should be vented in PVC piping on either the top or the side of the boiler. You should know whether you have fin tube, baseboard, or cast iron radiators.

Why do boilers stop working?

Extra air may enter the system, or low water pressure could happen, preventing the system from moving water. Electrical components can also stop working such as the thermostat or controls. In particularly cold conditions, water can freeze, which can also cause the boiler to stop working. Canadian snowbirds should take precautions and have someone watch their home and have a check-up performed before you leave. Make sure to leave the setting above 55’F if you are using a setback thermostat.

Do boilers prevent humidity problems?

Technically, only cast iron boilers can remove or add humidity. Although, a low-efficiency boiler will use indoor air for combustion, which can dry out your house. High-efficiency boilers use air from outside for combustion, which does not affect indoor air. You can improve the air quality of a home with a cast iron boiler, which uses indoor air for combustion. Bring fresh air into your home by installing a combustion air inlet.

Is it safe to use hot water for heating around children?

Baseboard heaters are more common now, so as long as you set the water temperature to the right setting, the risk is reasonably low. This is especially important if you have older cast iron radiators. These can become hot to touch when the water temperature is set high.

Do boilers waste energy or water?

They are a sealed system so they will not waste water. Modern boilers are just as efficient as forced air furnaces.

How can you tell if your boiler is working well?

Boilers require annual maintenance to ensure it is operating efficiently. Call Roma Heating to give your boiler a tune-up and make sure your system is working as it should.