The class of owning a fireplace are incomparable to the modern day HVAC systems. Fireplaces have always been regarded as one of the top amenities that homeowners look for when choosing to rent or buy a place.

Considering the cold, harsh Canadian winters, it is no surprise that fireplaces are a critical aspect of our day to day comfort. Modern day fireplaces are not just looked for their utility, but are also regarded as objects of decoration. Be it adding a relaxing ambience to your living room or adding an element of beauty and class to any room, a fireplace forms an integral element of decoration for many homes today.

You may be wondering with the host of options available today, how does one even choose the right kind of fireplace? It depends on what you are looking for. Modern day gas fireplaces are surpassing the traditional wood-burning fireplaces thanks to the convenience, safety and style they offer. Plus, these kinds of fireplaces are easy to maintain and gentle on the environment, especially indoors. If you are considering buying a new fireplace or replacing an old one, here are some of the many benefits that fireplaces offer:

Change in atmosphere

With just a push of a button, a gas fireplace can create a relaxed atmosphere in any room. You may find that gas fireplaces make a room so much cozier than their electric counterparts. Right from the standard models to the fireplace inserts that custom fit in spaces where you once had your wood burning fireplace, it is possible to quickly find a fireplace that suits your overall home decor and gives a classy touch to your room. Sipping a cup of hot chocolate beside a fireplace on a February night can be an out of the world experience.

Ensuring your comfort

Companies that specialize in dealing with fireplace systems and heating maintenance systems can help you to adjust your fireplace flame and heat levels to make sure that they are suited for your exact preference. These heat levels can be modified and set to a wide range of heat output levels ensuring the comfort of your family.

Free from stress

A gas fireplace promises the comfort of a wood-burning fireplace without the headache of stacking and cutting firewood, cleaning ashes and maintaining the smoky chimneys. Another critical benefit of a gas fireplace is that there is no open flame. A gas fireplace gives several perks of a traditional fireplace without being a safety hazard.


As any company specializing in fireplace maintenance and air duct cleaning, we often observe that many homes using traditional fireplaces have to bear the discomfort of inhaling dangerous fumes or particles. An eco-friendly gas fireplace eliminates the possibility of fumes and particles entering your air. Also, gas fireplaces help to save your energy bills as compared to electrical heating systems.

With the onset of winters, having your air ducts cleaned, getting your heating system examined or repaired and conducting routine boiler maintenance may be your regular maintenance checks. But if you are thinking of replacing your heating system with a classier, eco-friendly and sustainable option, talk to our experts at Roma Heating to get all your questions answered. Our team of expert technicians can give you the best suggestions for choosing a gas fireplace and ensure that you have a warm, cozy and comfortable winter ahead.