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Ruud services

Embark on a journey through the world of Ruud HVAC systems with this essential guide, thoughtfully prepared by the expert team at ROMA Heating & Cooling. Ruud is a trusted name in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry, known for its reliable, innovative, and energy-efficient solutions. At ROMA, we\’re dedicated to offering outstanding services for Ruud systems, ensuring your residential or commercial space enjoys optimal comfort and peak performance.

Expert Installation and Replacement

Installation: The correct installation of your Ruud HVAC system is pivotal to its efficiency and longevity. ROMA’s certified technicians are adept in the precision installation of Ruud systems, tailoring solutions that meet your unique comfort needs while enhancing energy efficiency.

Replacement: Upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient Ruud HVAC system can significantly improve your comfort and reduce operational costs. ROMA assists in this transition, helping you select the ideal Ruud model for your space and ensuring a seamless upgrade with our expert replacement services.

Superior Service, Maintenance, and Repair

Service and Maintenance: To maintain the performance and extend the lifespan of your Ruud HVAC system, regular, professional maintenance is essential. ROMA provides comprehensive service plans, including preventative maintenance, to keep your Ruud system in top condition, optimizing performance and preventing premature breakdowns.

Repair: If your Ruud system experiences any issues, count on ROMA’s skilled technicians for prompt, effective repairs. We quickly diagnose and fix problems, restoring your system’s functionality and your comfort in no time.

Detailed Inspection Services

Choosing ROMA’s thorough inspection services ensures your Ruud HVAC system operates at its best. Our comprehensive checks aim to detect and address potential issues early, safeguarding your investment and maintaining continuous system efficiency.

Premier Ruud Models and Series: Leading the Way in HVAC Excellence

Ruud offers a wide range of HVAC solutions, each designed for superior comfort, efficiency, and reliability. Here are twenty notable Ruud models and series that exemplify the brand’s commitment to top-tier climate control technology:

  • Ruud Achiever Plus® Series Gas Furnaces (R92T, R95T): Offers excellent energy efficiency and reliable heating performance.
  • Ruud Ultra Series™ Modulating Gas Furnace (U98V): Features modulating operation for precise temperature control and ultimate comfort.
  • Ruud Achiever Series™ Single Stage Air Conditioner (RA13): Provides efficient cooling with a durable design.
  • Ruud Ultra Series™ Variable Speed Air Conditioner (UA20): Delivers top-tier efficiency and quiet operation with variable speed technology.
  • Ruud Achiever Series™ Single Stage Heat Pump (RP14): Offers reliable heating and cooling performance.
  • Ruud EcoNet™ Enabled Ultra® Series Variable Speed Heat Pump (RP20): High-efficiency heat pump integrated with advanced EcoNet technology.
  • Ruud Classic® Series Super Quiet 80™ Gas Furnace: High-quality and efficient heating with a focus on quiet operation.
  • Ruud Achiever Plus® Series Two-Stage Air Conditioner (RA17): Enhanced cooling efficiency and comfort with two-stage operation.
  • Ruud Classic® Series Heat Pump (RP15): Reliable and efficient heating and cooling solution.
  • Ruud Ultra® Series Gas Water Heater: High efficiency and durable water heating solutions.
  • Ruud Achiever Plus® Series Econet™ Enabled Air Handlers (RH1T, RH2T): Offers efficient air distribution and is compatible with EcoNet smart monitoring.
  • Ruud Classic® Series Air Handler (RH1P): Provides reliable and efficient air movement.
  • Ruud EcoNet™ Enabled Prestige® Series Modulating Horizontal Gas Furnace (U97V): Features precise modulating heating for optimal comfort and efficiency.
  • Ruud Prestige® Series Variable Speed Heat Pump (RP16): Energy-efficient heating and cooling with variable speed technology.
  • Ruud Classic Plus® Series Package Air Conditioner (RACA15, RACA20): Robust and efficient packaged cooling solutions.
  • Ruud Classic® Series Package Gas/Electric Unit (RGEA14, RGEA15): Combined heating and cooling for convenient and efficient climate control.
  • Ruud Prestige® Series EcoNet™ Enabled Package Heat Pump (RQPW): High-efficiency, all-in-one heating and cooling solution with smart technology.
  • Ruud Ultra® Series EcoNet™ Enabled Split System Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps: Advanced split systems offering superior efficiency and performance.
  • Ruud Achiever Plus® Series Econet™ Enabled Split System Gas Furnaces and Air Handlers: Smart, efficient heating and air distribution solutions.
  • Ruud Water Heating Solutions: A wide range of efficient and durable water heaters, including tankless, solar, and hybrid models.

Why Choose ROMA Heating & Cooling for Your Ruud HVAC Needs?

Partnering with ROMA Heating & Cooling for your Ruud HVAC system services means entrusting your comfort to a team that values excellence and customer satisfaction. Our commitment includes:

  • Ruud-Trained Technicians: Our technicians have extensive training and experience with Ruud products, ensuring your HVAC system receives the best care.
  • Transparent Pricing: We offer straightforward, upfront pricing without hidden charges, maintaining transparency and trust.
  • Flexible Financing Options: Recognizing the importance of affordability, we provide a variety of financing options to fit your budget.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services: Our dedicated team is available around the clock to address any HVAC emergencies, ensuring your comfort is quickly restored.


Embrace the reliability and innovation of Ruud HVAC systems with the expert services provided by ROMA Heating & Cooling. Whether you require installation, maintenance, repair, or inspection, our dedicated team is ready to deliver unmatched service. Contact us today for a free estimate and elevate your comfort and efficiency to new heights.

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