RomaHeating’s furnace tune-ups Checklist

The fact is furnace tune-ups can save your money and also can prevent sudden repair. there is no need to be stressed of a sudden repair which can be so challenging sometimes. With spending just an hour of preventive maintenance each fall, your furnace can last for years longer while costing less to run. Roma Heating’s professional and certified HVAC technicians will clean and inspect your furnace to find any problems and fix them in no time. Roma Heating’s certified technicians are even able to calibrate and adjust things to improve your home heating.

according to our certified technicians, The most important items on the furnace tune-up checklist include:

Review and document results I recommendations with client

Review and document results I recommendations with client

Check for CO alarm I blue flame certification (CSA 6.10-01)

Offer replacement batteries for smoke detector

Compare utility costs and equipment life expectancy with home owner

Wipe down furnace I clean up around furnace

Check for manufacturer’s installation I operation manuals

Check presence of gas pipe pressure test tag

Test fuel line for leaks at appliance

Perform CO test-Circulating air I free air I vent & record

Check temperature rise and adjust blower speed as required

Check and record manifold pressure I clock input

Cycle furnace and monitor ignition and flame

Lubricate all moving parts

Check for adequate combustion air requirements

Check for required service access I clearances to combustibles

Inspect venting system for leaks I slope I support I debris

Check and flush condensate drains I traps

Adjust dampers for heating I cooling mode

Remove and clean blower I test run capacitor performance

Check filters I offer replacement

Clean and check ignitor I spark electrode I pilot

Clean and check thermocouple I flame sensor

Visual inspection of heat exchanger

Clean and inspect burners and burner compartment

Check all safety controls and wire connections