Things to consider for maintaining your furnace in top shape

Furnace systems have made our lives so much easier. Just imagine having to deal with the cold harsh winters of Canada using a fireplace! It is unbelievable just how relaxed we are thanks to the heating comfort provided by furnace systems. However, as furnace systems form an integral part of our comfort, it is important to maintain them correctly. While most furnaces do not require you to clean and maintain them on a daily basis, seasonal checking and maintenance schedule helps to prevent breakdown and ensure the longevity of your furnace.

Need for maintenance

Most equipment in our home needs some kind of maintenance, furnaces are no exception. Remember that every other equipment right from your boiler to the fireplace to heating systems is subject to some kind of wear and tear over a period of time, whether used or not. This wear and tear makes your equipment function less effectively and can result in long-lasting issues, some even serious ones. Not only does it mean spending on repairs and replacing parts, but also living in discomfort until repairs are done. Regular servicing and maintenance can help to prevent these expenditures for a long time.

Changing out the Filter

One of the key steps in regular maintenance is to change your filter. This is something you can do yourself, without waiting for a professional. Every winter season, before you begin to use the heating systems, make sure to check the filter and replace if required. A fresh filter helps the unit to function properly and results in less wear and tear. Damaged or dirty filters have to overwork to push air through, resulting in increased damage which can eventually cause a complete breakdown. Examine frequently and change the filter if needed.

Keeping safe

Did you know that a damaged or dysfunctional furnace system can cause a more than 21% carbon monoxide leak? As a safety measure, you can install a carbon monoxide detector near your furnace. That way, you can monitor if there are any leaks and can also set an alarm, should a leak occur. Daylight savings time is the best time to test your detectors to see if they are still working properly.

Preventive maintenance

It is prudent to consider preventive maintenance to protect and improve the functioning of all home equipment. Not only do they perform a detailed check of different furnace parts, but also check every aspect of their overall function. This helps them to catch even the most minor glitch before it becomes a big issue. From a financial perspective, you may procrastinate hiring a professional to look after your furnace as it may seem costly. But considering the overall repair cost that you may incur in event of a breakdown, preventive maintenance is a much better proposition.

As for the frequency and kind of maintenance that your furnace would need, it is best to trust the experts at Roma Heating. Our experienced crew can carry out a detailed analysis of your furnace and suggest the best maintenance and repair options.