There are only a few things more relaxing than sipping on a warm cup of hot cocoa on a cold day while sitting by the fireplace. A fireplace is a delight to have in your home, especially in the colder months of winter when you constantly require cozying up.

Similar to most electric heaters, fireplaces require regular maintenance and safety precautions to prevent varying types of hazards. To help you we have compiled a few things you can do keep your fireplaces safe.

Home Safety

First and foremost, ensure that your home is equipped with fully functional carbon monoxide and smoke detectors before using any type of heat and fire equipment.

Suitable Wood

Only use firewood in your home because painted and treated wood, lumber, crates, and scraps can have harmful chemicals and deteriorate your air quality. You may use log starters to get your fire started, however, keep the amount and use to a minimum.

Use logs that have been dried for eight to 12 months. Less dense wood choices, such as white pine and spruce, are bound to dry rapidly. However, an increased amount will be required to keep the fire going. Hardwood choices, such as sugar maple, white oak, white ash, hickory, and beech are the ultimate choice if you need firewood that burns longer.

Lastly, prevent creosote from building in the fireplace by opening the damper occasionally and preventing the smoke from persisting.


Frequent use of your fireplace can result in a tar and creosote buildup in the chimney. Tar is a flammable thick dark liquid that results from wood and coal burning, while creosote is dark oil that is condensed from tar coal. It is important to get your chimney professionally cleaned on a regular basis to avoid excessive smoke and worst case scenario, a fire that doesn’t just stay in your fireplace.

Things to Ensure

Here are a few safety measures you need to act on to ensure you are always using your fireplace properly. Uncover the damper before starting a fire and refrain from closing it until the ashes have completely cooled down. The cool ashes should be placed in a metal canister and stored outside.

Flames in gas fireplaces must constantly be blue and technicians must be contacted if they appear to be orange or yellow. Make sure to store inflammable items, such as wood and paper far from the fireplace and constantly keep an eye on children and pets while the fireplace is on or cooling down.

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