Roma’s primary goal is to ensure that safety standards are adhered to and is everyone’s main priority. It is highly recommended to have annual furnace tune ups and safety inspections done by a certified professional to prevent fire and carbon monoxide poisoning which is recommended by Fortisbc’s safety guidelines and standards.



  • Replace thermostat batteries
  • Adjust fan speed if required
  • Perform amp test on blower motor, lubricate if required
  • Preform amp test on draft inducer motor, lubricate if required
  • Check all electrical connections. Tighten where required
  • Identify service switch and circuit breaker/fuse
  • Clean burner compartment (no removal of components)
  • Inspect accessible ductwork for leakage
  • Clear condensate trap
  • Optimize burner flame
  • Check pressure and safety limit switches



  • Check air filter
  • Confirm proper start-up/ignition sequence
  • Verify safe pilot and burner operation
  • Carbon monoxide test
  • Confirm proper heat rise
  • Adjust pilot if required/check & clean flame sensor
  • Check and cycle thermostat
  • Check heat exchanger for integrity (visual)
  • Check chimney/venting for proper operation
  • Check blower fan integrity
  • Check gas leak
  • Check gas pressure
  • Test fan belt tension