Heat Pump Services in New Westminster

Heat Pump Services in New Westminster

In the diverse climate of New Westminster, heat pumps serve as an essential solution for both heating and cooling homes efficiently. ROMA Heating and Cooling provides comprehensive heat pump services, including installation, maintenance, and repair, ensuring optimal functionality and energy efficiency. Our specialized services are designed to extend the lifespan of your heat pump and improve its performance. This detailed guide covers the signs that indicate your heat pump needs servicing, how we address these issues, and why choosing ROMA Heating and Cooling offers the best value—now with a special 15% discount for residents of New Westminster.

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Service

Regular maintenance and timely repairs are crucial for keeping your heat pump in peak condition. Here are some common signs that your heat pump may require professional service:

1. Inefficient Heating or Cooling

  • Symptoms: The heat pump struggles to maintain the set temperature, leading to inconsistent heating or cooling.
  • Potential Causes: Low refrigerant levels, dirty filters, or issues with the thermostat.

2. Unusual Noises

  • Symptoms: Grinding, squealing, or rattling noises during operation.
  • Potential Causes: Loose components, worn-out bearings, or obstructions in the fans.

3. High Energy Bills

  • Symptoms: A sudden increase in energy costs without a corresponding increase in usage.
  • Potential Causes: Inefficiencies due to malfunctioning components or the need for recalibration.

4. Frequent Cycling

  • Symptoms: The heat pump turns on and off more frequently than normal.
  • Potential Causes: Thermostat issues, a clogged filter, or improper heat pump size.

5. Ice Buildup

  • Symptoms: Ice forming on the outdoor unit during winter or on the indoor unit’s coils.
  • Potential Causes: Low refrigerant levels, blocked air flow, or malfunctioning defrost controls.

Our Heat Pump Services

At ROMA Heating and Cooling, we offer a full spectrum of heat pump services to address any issue you might encounter:


  • Regular Check-ups: We recommend bi-annual maintenance to prepare your heat pump for the winter and summer seasons.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning: Includes cleaning filters, coils, and checking ducts for debris to ensure unobstructed airflow.
  • System Testing: We test pressure levels, thermostat accuracy, and electrical connections to ensure everything is operating as it should.


  • Diagnosis and Troubleshooting: Our technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to accurately identify the source of any problem.
  • Quality Repairs: We use high-quality parts for all repairs to ensure durability and efficiency.
  • Efficiency Restoration: Our goal is to restore your heat pump to its original efficiency, reducing your energy bills and extending its lifespan.


  • Expert Installation: We provide professional installation services, ensuring your new heat pump is correctly sized and optimally installed.
  • Custom Solutions: Every home is different, and we offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Why Choose ROMA Heating and Cooling?

  • Expert Technicians: Our team consists of highly trained and certified professionals who specialize in heat pump technology.
  • Quality Service: We are committed to providing the highest quality service, ensuring that all repairs and installations are performed meticulously and effectively.
  • Customer Satisfaction: At ROMA Heating and Cooling, customer satisfaction is our priority. We strive to address all your heating and cooling needs promptly and efficiently.
  • Special Discount: We’re currently offering a 15% discount on all heat pump services for residents of New Westminster, making now the perfect time to schedule your maintenance or repair.


If you’re experiencing any of the signs that your heat pump may need service, don’t hesitate to contact ROMA Heating and Cooling. Our comprehensive heat pump services in New Westminster are designed to ensure your system runs smoothly all year round, providing you with comfortable and efficient heating and cooling. Take advantage of our special 15% discount for New Westminster residents today and ensure your heat pump is in top condition!

Contact us today at (604)704-0300 or via email at info@Romaheating.ca to schedule a service appointment or to learn more about our services.

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