omprehensive Guide to Heat Pump Services and Pricing

omprehensive Guide to Heat Pump Services and Pricing

Heat pumps are a popular and efficient choice for heating and cooling homes in British Columbia, thanks to their ability to maintain comfort while reducing energy use. Understanding the market pricing for heat pump installation, service, repair, and maintenance is crucial for homeowners considering this system. ROMA Heating & Cooling offers expert heat pump services across several top brands, complemented by a generous 15% discount to ensure affordability and satisfaction. Here’s an in-depth look at the market pricing for heat pumps and the comprehensive services offered by ROMA.

Heat Pump Market Pricing Overview

Heat pumps are a significant investment with costs varying based on brand, model, and installation complexities. On average, installing a heat pump can range from $4,000 to $7,000 for standard systems, while high-end models can exceed $10,000 depending on the system\’s capacity and features.

ROMA\’s Heat Pump Services

Installation: ROMA provides professional installation ensuring optimal efficiency and performance from the outset. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial to extend the lifespan and efficiency of heat pumps. ROMA offers tailored maintenance plans. Repair: ROMA’s skilled technicians are equipped to handle a range of repair needs, from minor fixes to major system overhauls. Replacement: When repairs are not cost-effective, ROMA also provides replacement services to upgrade older units to more energy-efficient models.

ROMA’s 15% Discount Offer

To make heat pump services more accessible, ROMA Heating & Cooling offers a 15% discount on all heat pump installations, repairs, and maintenance services. This discount is aimed at helping homeowners manage costs while ensuring their heat pump systems are in excellent working condition.

Top 5 Heat Pump Brands and Models Serviced by ROMA

1. Trane

  • Models:
    • Trane XR14: ~$5,500
    • Trane XL18i: ~$6,800
    • Trane XV18: ~$8,000
    • Trane XV19: ~$9,500
    • Trane XR17: ~$7,300
  • Service: ROMA offers comprehensive installation and maintenance services for Trane heat pumps, ensuring top performance.

2. Carrier

  • Models:
    • Carrier Infinity 20: ~$10,000
    • Carrier Performance 15: ~$6,500
    • Carrier Comfort 15: ~$5,000
    • Carrier Infinity 18VS: ~$8,500
    • Carrier Infinity 16: ~$7,500
  • Service: ROMA provides full-scale service for Carrier models, from routine maintenance to complex repairs.

3. Daikin

  • Models:
    • Daikin Fit: ~$8,000
    • Daikin DZ20VC: ~$9,000
    • Daikin DZ18TC: ~$7,500
    • Daikin DZ16TC: ~$6,000
    • Daikin DZ18VC: ~$8,500
  • Service: Daikin heat pumps are serviced by ROMA’s certified technicians who specialize in high-efficiency systems.

4. Lennox

  • Models:
    • Lennox XP25: ~$9,200
    • Lennox XP20: ~$8,000
    • Lennox XP16: ~$6,500
    • Lennox XP14: ~$5,800
    • Lennox ML14XP1: ~$4,800
  • Service: ROMA offers expert installation and repairs for Lennox, ensuring reliable heating and cooling.

5. Mitsubishi Electric

  • Models:
    • Mitsubishi MUZ-FH: ~$6,500
    • Mitsubishi MUZ-GL: ~$5,200
    • Mitsubishi MXZ Series: ~$8,000
    • Mitsubishi MSZ-FH: ~$7,000
    • Mitsubishi MSZ-GL: ~$5,700
  • Service: Known for their advanced technology, Mitsubishi heat pumps receive expert service from ROMA’s technicians, from basic setups to comprehensive maintenance plans.


Choosing ROMA Heating & Cooling for your heat pump needs means selecting a service provider that combines deep industry knowledge with a commitment to customer satisfaction and affordability. The 15% discount on services ensures that maintaining or upgrading your heat pump system is both affordable and straightforward.

For more detailed information or to schedule a service, please contact ROMA Heating & Cooling at or visit our service location via this map link. Trust ROMA to provide

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