Heat Pump Maintenance in Surrey

Heat Pump Maintenance in Surrey

Heat pumps are a vital part of maintaining comfort in homes and businesses throughout Surrey, especially given their ability to efficiently provide both heating and cooling. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring that your heat pump operates effectively, lasts longer, and continues to provide energy-efficient service year-round. ROMA Heating and Cooling specializes in comprehensive heat pump maintenance, tailored to meet the unique climate challenges of Surrey. This guide details our maintenance process, highlighting the importance of professional service to keep your system in peak condition.

Importance of Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your heat pump offers several key benefits:

  • Efficiency: Well-maintained heat pumps operate more efficiently, which can significantly reduce your energy bills.
  • Longevity: Regular service extends the lifespan of your heat pump, delaying the need for costly replacements.
  • Reliability: Maintenance checks can prevent unexpected failures, especially during extreme weather when you need your system the most.
  • Air Quality: Clean systems improve the air quality in your home by reducing dust and allergens that can circulate through dirty heat pump components.

ROMA’s Comprehensive Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Step 1: Initial System Assessment

  • System Review: Our technicians begin with a thorough inspection of your heat pump, reviewing its history, checking for any immediate issues, and understanding your specific concerns.

Step 2: Cleaning Key Components

  • Coil Cleaning: Dirty coils can impair the heat pump’s ability to heat or cool efficiently. We clean both the evaporator and condenser coils using specialized cleaning solutions.
  • Air Filter Replacement: We check and replace air filters or clean reusable ones, ensuring optimal air flow and improved indoor air quality.
  • Blower Maintenance: The blower components are cleaned and checked for balance, as an unbalanced blower can lead to inefficient operation and increased wear.

Step 3: Lubrication of Moving Parts

  • Motor and Bearings: We lubricate moving parts to reduce friction, which can decrease energy consumption and prevent overheating.

Step 4: Inspect Ductwork

  • Duct Inspection: Ensuring that the ductwork is sealed properly and has no leaks is crucial for maintaining system efficiency.
  • Airflow Testing: We test airflow to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s recommendations, making adjustments as needed.

Step 5: Checking and Tightening Electrical Connections

  • Electrical Safety: Loose connections can lead to a malfunctioning system. Our technicians tighten any loose connections and test electrical controls to ensure safe operation.
  • Voltage and Current Measurements: We measure the voltage and current on motors to ensure they are operating within safe parameters.

Step 6: Refrigerant Level Check

  • Refrigerant Inspection: Correct refrigerant levels are essential for the efficient operation of heat pumps. We check these levels and adjust them if necessary to prevent issues like reduced cooling capacity and increased energy consumption.

Step 7: Thermostat Calibration

  • Calibration Check: We ensure that the thermostat is accurately measuring and controlling the temperature, making adjustments for optimal performance and comfort.

Step 8: System Test Run

  • Complete Functionality Check: After completing maintenance tasks, we run the system to ensure everything is working correctly. This includes monitoring the system’s startup cycle and general operation.

Why Choose ROMA Heating and Cooling?

  • Expert Technicians: Our skilled technicians are trained in the latest heat pump technology and are familiar with all major brands and models.
  • Preventive Approach: We focus on preventing problems before they occur, saving you time and money on future repairs.
  • Tailored Services: We understand that each home and heat pump system in Surrey has unique needs. Our services are customized to meet those needs precisely.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We’re committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our maintenance services, backed by years of expertise and a strong reputation in the community.


Maintaining your heat pump is essential for ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and efficiency. ROMA Heating and Cooling offers expert heat pump maintenance services in Surrey, designed to keep your system running smoothly regardless of the season. Regular maintenance not only helps in avoiding costly breakdowns but also ensures your system provides comfortable indoor temperatures year-round. Contact us today at (604)704-0300 to schedule a maintenance visit or to learn more about how we can help extend the life of your heat pump.

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