Guide to Heat Pump Installation Pricing

Guide to Heat Pump Installation Pricing

When considering a new heat pump installation in British Columbia, homeowners and businesses need to be aware of the factors affecting installation costs, the advantages of choosing efficient models, and the opportunities to save money with ROMA Heating & Cooling’s exclusive 15% discount. This comprehensive guide delves deep into the installation pricing of heat pumps, exploring the top brands and their respective models, and detailing how ROMA’s services and discounts make the installation process both cost-effective and straightforward.

Understanding Heat Pump Installation Costs

Factors Influencing Installation Costs:

  1. Type of Heat Pump: The cost varies depending on whether you choose an air-source, ground-source, or water-source heat pump. Each type has different installation requirements and efficiency levels.
  2. System Size and Capacity: Larger homes require units with higher capacities, which can increase costs.
  3. Complexity of Installation: The need for ductwork modification or the installation of additional components like zoning systems can raise the overall price.
  4. Brand and Model: Premium brands and models come with higher initial costs but usually offer better longevity and efficiency.
  5. Local Labor and Installation Rates: Depending on the region and the expertise of the HVAC provider, installation costs can vary significantly.

Top 5 Heat Pump Brands and Installation Pricing

1. Trane

  • Models and Installation Costs:
    • Trane XR14: ~$6,500
    • Trane XL18i: ~$7,800
    • Trane XV18: ~$9,000
    • Trane XV19: ~$10,500
    • Trane XR17: ~$8,300
  • ROMA Services: Includes custom installation, a thorough home efficiency assessment, and a detailed walkthrough post-installation.

2. Carrier

  • Models and Installation Costs:
    • Carrier Infinity 20: ~$11,500
    • Carrier Performance 15: ~$7,700
    • Carrier Comfort 15: ~$5,900
    • Carrier Infinity 18VS: ~$9,600
    • Carrier Infinity 16: ~$8,500
  • ROMA Services: Professional installation with optional extended warranty services and full system optimization.

3. Daikin

  • Models and Installation Costs:
    • Daikin Fit: ~$9,200
    • Daikin DZ20VC: ~$10,200
    • Daikin DZ18TC: ~$8,500
    • Daikin DZ16TC: ~$6,800
    • Daikin DZ18VC: ~$9,600
  • ROMA Services: Complete setup including zoning capabilities and efficiency testing to ensure optimal performance.

4. Lennox

  • Models and Installation Costs:
    • Lennox XP25: ~$10,400
    • Lennox XP20: ~$9,000
    • Lennox XP16: ~$7,400
    • Lennox XP14: ~$6,500
    • Lennox ML14XP1: ~$5,400
  • ROMA Services: Energy-efficient installations with a focus on maximizing rebate eligibility and reducing long-term energy costs.

5. Mitsubishi Electric

  • Models and Installation Costs:
    • Mitsubishi MUZ-FH: ~$7,300
    • Mitsubishi MUZ-GL: ~$5,900
    • Mitsubishi MXZ Series: ~$9,000
    • Mitsubishi MSZ-FH: ~$7,900
    • Mitsubishi MSZ-GL: ~$6,400
  • ROMA Services: Expert installation with a focus on integrating advanced climate control technologies and smart home compatibility.

ROMA’s 15% Discount on Installation

To make heat pump installation more affordable, ROMA Heating & Cooling offers a 15% discount on all heat pump installations. This discount helps mitigate the upfront costs, making it easier for customers to invest in high-quality, energy-efficient heat pumps that will save money in the long run.

Why Choose ROMA Heating & Cooling?

  • Expertise: ROMA’s technicians are highly trained and experienced in installing a wide variety of heat pump systems, ensuring professional and reliable service.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With a focus on delivering exceptional service, ROMA ensures that all installations meet the highest standards of efficiency and comfort.
  • Long-Term Savings: ROMA not only provides a discount on installation but also helps customers achieve significant savings through energy-efficient solutions that reduce monthly utility bills.
  • Comprehensive Support: From choosing the right model to post-installation maintenance, ROMA offers comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of your heat pump.


Opting for a heat pump installation from ROMA Heating & Cooling means selecting a service that combines quality, affordability, and expert execution. With the added benefit of a 15% discount, ROMA makes it cost-effective to install a high-performance heat pump that will deliver year-round comfort.

For more information or to schedule an installation, please contact ROMA Heating & Cooling at or visit our service location via this map link. Trust ROMA to provide efficient and effective heat pump solutions tailored to your needs in British Columbia.

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