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Wait! Stop! Before you discard that damaged Furnace and run-off to order/buy a new one think twice.

Do you need repair and maintenance services for your furnace? If yes, then we’ve got you covered. The importance of a good heating system in a home cannot be over-emphasized. Your health and comfort depend greatly on it.And when an issue occurs, such as when heating equipment is not maintained or installed correctly, it could lead to high energy costs and discomfort.

Roma Heating LTD is Burnaby’s best furnace repair and maintenance services. We have saved lots of homes the additional cost of buying new Furnaces. We provide furnace maintenance and repair service, heat pump, and humidifier installation, for residential and commercial purposes to make your home and workplace comfortable, safe and healthy.

We are the best burnaby furnace repair service with a trademark of excellence. Our highly trained service personnel are ever ready to handle any repair service. We are dedicated to providing our customers with prompt, well-executed and low-cost service. Our professional technicians are trained eager to offer the best solutions to all furnace heating issues. Let’s not forget, WINTER IS COMING! So hurry up, give us a call, and we’ll set that faulty furnace straight.



  • Replace thermostat batteries
  • Adjust fan speed if required
  • Preform amp test on draft inducer motor, lubricate if required
  • Check all electrical connections. Tighten where required
  • Identify service switch and circuit breaker/fuse
  • Clean burner compartment (no removal of components)
  • Inspect accessible ductwork for leakage
  • Clear condensate trap
  • Optimize burner flame
  • Check pressure and safety limit switches


  • Check air filter
  • Confirm proper start-up/ignition sequence
  • Verify safe pilot and burner operation
  • Carbon monoxide test
  • Confirm proper heat rise
  • Adjust pilot if required/check & clean flame sensor
  • Check and cycle thermostat
  • Check heat exchanger for integrity (visual)
  • Check chimney/venting for proper operation
  • Check blower fan integrity
  • Check gas leak
  • Check gas pressure
  • Test fan belt tension


We offer scheduled maintenance as often as required to ensure your furnace is working the right way it should. Also, we adhere to the recommendation by most manufacturers that a furnace should be serviced periodically, this prolongs the life span of the furnace as well as keeps all heating systems working efficiently and at low cost of usage. Contacting us will go a long way to;

  • Save monthly on your heating bill; during the winter months, heating your house is often necessary. Unfortunately, it is also often expensive. Free fixes such as a functional furnace can help save a lot of money.
  • Prevent costly damage in the long run; we offer regularly scheduled maintenance, as such damages are discovered and repaired long before they can cause significant damages in the heating system.
  •  Replace damages that no one else could; our friendly, dependable, and proficient personnel is dedicated to fixing advanced damages regular technicians are unable to fix, and at a low cost.
  • Save you a great deal from costly repair services; our services are quietly affordable, we aim to provide the best of services at a cheaper rate.
  • Increase the life expectancy of the heating systems; A regularly serviced furnace is bound to serve you longer. Do not wait until the heating systems completely break down before you give us a call.