Furnace Service and Maintenance Port Moody 

Roma Heating opened up for business in 1995. We were and are devoted to home furnace servicing, fix and installation. This includes gas furnaces and forced air furnaces in each make and model.  Since then, and 80,000 fulfilled clients later, we have become the world-class Port Moody furnace company in the Lower Mainland. Call us for furnace service and maintenance in Port Moody now.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Port Moody Information

Furnace servicing begins with clear and concise information

Roma Heating offers free guidance on the phone. Have a question? call us and we will take constantly you need. We can give you a list of what we do in each servicing. Our specialists will clarify why ordinary furnace servicing is necessary. Roma Heating suggests clear and brief information. Also, we will visit your home to assess your furnace. At last, we will advise you on how you can set aside some cash.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Port Moody—the Key is Regularity

Don’t forget!

Remember the necessity of setting up a standard calendar for your home furnace servicing. It is vital for the safety of your home condition. Also, for the smooth working of your home furnace, just as your yearly furnace costs. The B.C. Safety Authority advises that a yearly furnace servicing is obligatory. Contact Roma Heating to discover what is associated with a normal yearly furnace servicing. We will detail the expense, and how it can set aside your cash over the long term.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Port Moody Particulars

Home furnace service and maintenance—the big picture

A Roma Heating authorized technician utilizes a multi-point list specifying all the significant parts to assess, clean, and service your furnace. These parts are as follows. Gas lines, the flue temperature, flame rectification, the pilot, and the heat exchanger.  The furnace burners, blower speed, blower assembly, pressure switches, and the vent connector.  The thermostat, temperature set points, and the operation of the safety limit controls. We clean or supplant the channels relying upon the development of dirt. We investigate the ducts for any development of trash. Furthermore, the blower and motor bearings are re-greased up. Most basically for your safety, the expert will check for any gas holes or hints of carbon monoxide. Your home furnace is a to some degree complex machine. Its smooth, productive and safe activity depends on the many working parts. A home furnace servicing is probably the best thing you can do.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Port Moody FAQ

How can I service my furnace?

There are some underlying checks you can do before you call a furnace technician. To begin with, set the thermostat sufficiently high so the furnace kicks in. At that point watch the flames in the burner. They ought to be uniform and blue. If, for example, they are yellow or orange, call Roma Heating. Irregular flames may show the nearness of an option that is other than natural gas consumption. Additionally, sniff to check whether you recognize the presence of gas. Next, turn off the furnace and vacuum all the areas inside. Check the belts for any wear if your heater is a belted drive system. At that point change the filters. Contact Roma Heating to perceive how regularly it is advised to change the filter for your home furnace. Additionally, contact Roma Heating for a careful furnace service in Port Moody.

We provide your ideal maintenance plan

Roma Heating Also offers furnace repair 

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