Furnace Replacement Burnaby

Furnace Replacement Burnaby

Furnace Replacement Burnaby

In Burnaby, a city that experiences a rich tapestry of seasons, from crisp autumn breezes to the cool dampness of winter, maintaining a warm and welcoming home environment is essential. As we approach nearly two decades of dedicated service in Burnaby, ROMA Heating & Cooling stands as your premier choice for expert furnace replacement services. Our commitment to enhancing your home’s warmth with the latest in heating technology and our personalized approach to service ensures that your furnace replacement journey is seamless, efficient, and perfectly tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Furnace Replacement Solutions in Burnaby

The Importance of Choosing the Right Furnace

Selecting the right furnace for your home is more than just a matter of comfort; it’s about achieving optimal efficiency, longevity, and reliability. With advancements in heating technology, replacing your old furnace with a newer, more efficient model can lead to significant energy savings and improved home air quality.

Our Evaluation and Consultation Process

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we don’t just replace furnaces; we transform how you experience warmth in your home. Our process begins with a detailed evaluation of your current heating system, considering factors such as:

  • Home Size and Layout: Ensuring the new furnace can adequately and efficiently heat your entire home.
  • Existing Ductwork: Assessing its condition and compatibility with new furnace models.
  • Energy Efficiency Goals: Helping you select a furnace that meets your energy-saving objectives.

Following our evaluation, we provide a personalized consultation, recommending furnace options that align with your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

Top Furnace Brands and Models We Recommend


  • Signature Collection SLP98V Gas Furnace: The pinnacle of Lennox innovation, offering unparalleled efficiency.
  • Elite Series EL296V Gas Furnace: High-efficiency, two-stage heating for consistent warmth.
  • Merit Series ML195 Gas Furnace: Reliable performance and smart energy use.
  • SL280NV Ultra Low NOx Gas Furnace: Environmentally responsible heating solution.
  • EL180E Gas Furnace: Economical operation without sacrificing comfort.


  • Infinity 98 Gas Furnace 59MN7: Leading-edge efficiency and performance.
  • Performance 96 Gas Furnace 59TP6: Offers comfort and efficiency in one.
  • Comfort 92 Gas Furnace 59SC2: Budget-friendly and dependable heating.
  • Infinity 80 Gas Furnace 58CVA: Variable-speed operation for superior comfort.
  • Performance Boost 90 Gas Furnace 59SP5: Boosts your home’s energy efficiency.


  • XV95 Gas Furnace: Premium heating with superior efficiency.
  • XL80 Gas Furnace: Reliable heating that won’t break the bank.
  • XT95 Gas Furnace: Sturdy construction and efficient operation.
  • XC95m Gas Furnace: Modulating heating for precise temperature control.
  • S9V2-VS Gas Furnace: Quiet operation and efficient performance.


  • Prestige Series: Modulating R98V Gas Furnace: Exceptional comfort and energy savings.
  • Classic Plus Series: Two-Stage R96T Gas Furnace: Optimal warmth and efficiency.
  • Classic Series: Single Stage R92P Gas Furnace: Durable and economical heating.
  • Classic Series: Single Stage R95T Gas Furnace: Reliable performance, smart design.
  • Prestige Series: EcoNet Enabled R97V Gas Furnace: Advanced control and efficiency.


  • GMVM97 Modulating Gas Furnace: Ultimate efficiency and comfort control.
  • GCVM97 Modulating Gas Furnace: High-efficiency heating with a quiet operation.
  • GMVC96 Two-Stage Gas Furnace: Balanced warmth and energy savings.
  • GCVC96 Two-Stage Gas Furnace: Efficient, quiet heating.
  • GMSS96 Single-Stage Gas Furnace: Affordable and reliable heating solution.

The ROMA Heating & Cooling Advantage

  • Unmatched Expertise: Nearly 20 years of experience in Burnaby ensures we know precisely how to address your home’s heating needs.
  • Quality and Reliability: We commit to using only the highest quality furnaces from reputable brands, ensuring your home’s heating system is durable, efficient, and reliable.
  • Personalized Service: From the initial evaluation to the final installation, our approach is tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring optimal comfort and satisfaction.
  • Energy Efficiency: Focused on sustainability and savings, we help you choose a furnace that not only heats your home but does so in the most energy-efficient way possible.

Elevate Your Home Heating Experience

Choosing ROMA Heating & Cooling for your furnace replacement in Burnaby means selecting unparalleled expertise, commitment to quality, and personalized service. Let us enhance the warmth and comfort of your home with a furnace that perfectly suits your needs.

Contact ROMA Heating & Cooling today to schedule your comprehensive evaluation and consultation, and take the first step toward a warmer, more efficient home.

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