Furnace Repair Langley and Aldergrove Area


80,000 fulfilled clients later, Roma Heating is the main furnace repair company in the Lower Mainland, Counting Langley, and Aldergrove. We give effective, opportune, and agreeable HVAC fix which keeps our clients preeminent in our brains.

Furnace Repair Langley and Aldergrove Area Emergency Services

Timely repairs are our number one priority.

Roma Heating gives 24-hour instant service throughout the entire year. This is so significant for safety reasons, in addition to our clients’ comfort. Our associations with our clients are not one-time stopovers. The contact will be continued.

Furnace Repair Langley and Aldergrove Area Quick Response

Roma Heating’s 24-hour instant service is additionally exemplified by convenient home visits. Your safety is our duty. Moreover, our clients’ comfort and economy are issues that we are firmly worried about. We generally have specialists on an “on-call” basis. So regardless of whether our working experts are involved, we can even now send somebody over to your home or office.

Furnace Repair Langley and Aldergrove Area Symptoms

Some symptoms to watch for.

The furnace is creating less heat now. Strange noises. Conflicting execution. Splits, punctures, and dents. Pilot light failure. Smoke. Bizarre scents. A breaking down furnace will display these indications among others. If you notice any of these signs, call Roma Heating right away. The danger of further decay of your gas furnace unit is, obviously, a worry. Furthermore, not exclusively to maintain a strategic distance from superfluous costs (which could be eased by an expert furnace fix). But also, to avoid substitution. However, the primary concern is your safety. Older furnaces may not have the requisite feedback systems that would warn you about a carbon monoxide leakage (for example). Furthermore, electrical shorting can cause a fire.

What can cause my furnace to stop producing heat?

A furnace is moderately a simple device. But it can be broken in a few manners. No heat might be brought about by a flawed thermostat, an electrical short, or stuck valves. If a gas valve unexpectedly closes, it interferes with the customary progression of fuel that is changed over to warm. If you comprehend what to do, you could open the valves yourself. However, Roma Heating advises calling us first. There might be different issues to survey. If the thermostat is flawed, it basically should be changed. That is less expensive than fixing it (much of the time). In any case, the thermostat setting ought to be checked first. The thermostat ought to consistently be set in “heat” mode with a suitable temperature setting. Kindly, don’t spare a moment to consider us regardless of what your concerns are.

What can cause the blower to not turn off?

The reason here could be the thermostat setting. Ensure the thermostat isn’t set at “continuous.” But it could be a broken fan. Either the fan itself, its control switch, or the fan’s electrical associations. Before endeavoring to fix the issue yourself, call Roma Heating. We might have the option to tell you how to fix it without a help call to your home.

Roma Heating also provides furnace repair in Surrey.

Call Roma Heating if you have any problem with your furnace in Vancouver.

We offer furnace service in Burnaby.


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