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If you are a Canadian homeowner, you may have already installed a suitable heating system in your home to beat the cold, frizzy winters. Heating systems enable homeowners to escape the harsh winters and keep their homes safe and comfortable. The kind of heating system that you may be using at home has a significant impact on the power cost and the level of comfort you experience in your home. Moreover, if your home is more than two decades old, you may be at risk due to an obsolete heating system.

Obsolete heating systems are not only risky as they are prone to frequent breakdown, but can also incur significant repair costs. Also, they are likely to emit several harmful gases that can lead to unhealthy air being circulated indoors. Installing a well-designed, modern and efficient system improves the comfort level and reduces potential repair costs. However, before selecting which system is best for your home, it is prudent to get an overview of which kind of heating systems are available in the market, your budget, their efficiency rating and also what kind of long term costs it may incur.

Forced Air Heat System

One of the most basic kinds of heating system is the forced air heat system. It is used for both heating as well as cooling. It is also referred to as a central heating system and is commonly used in larger buildings and most retail outlets. In this type of heating system, air is heated in a furnace and then it is forcefully blown into the ducts that take the hot air to various vents and eventually in your rooms. The furnace, in this case, may be powered using many fuel options like propane, oil, natural gas or electricity.

Radiant Heat System

A radiant heat system or often commonly referred to as a radiator system uses the principle of heat radiation. In this type of system, hot water from the boiler is transferred through tubes to distribute heat uniformly in all the rooms via floors. Radiator systems are labelled as the most common type of natural and comfortable heating system. It is usually powered by either propane, natural gas, oil or electricity.

Hydronic Heat System

Another common kind of heating system is the hydronic heat system. It is also referred to as hot water baseboard. This kind of heating uses heated water from a boiler which is transferred into the fin-tubes baseboard units which are attached along the walls. These fins help to increase the surface area available for heat dissipation, thus enhancing the unit’s efficiency. A hydronic system uses both radiation and convection heat transfer method in order to distribute uniform heating and cooling effect to your home.

Geothermal Systems

The most contemporary heating method is the geothermal system. They considered quite an energy-efficient method of home heating since it needs much less electricity to operate. However, their installation can be a tad expensive compared to other kinds of systems. This method employs Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP) technology that works akin to a reversed refrigerator. In this method, a standard ground loop pipe is utilized to obtain heat from a particular source and is deposited at many different locations.

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