Comprehensive Rinnai Services Across Greater Vancouver

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we are proud to offer a complete range of Rinnai services throughout the Greater Vancouver area. Our expert team is equipped to handle installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and replacement for all Rinnai models and series. We are committed to providing top-quality service to ensure your heating systems operate efficiently and reliably.

Full Range of Rinnai Models and Series

Rinnai is known for its high-quality and innovative heating solutions. Here is a detailed list of all the Rinnai models and series that ROMA Heating & Cooling services:

Tankless Water Heaters

  • High Efficiency Series (HE): Known for their compact designs and excellent efficiency, models include RL75i, RL94i, V65i, and V75i.
  • Super High Efficiency Series (SE): These models offer advanced features and maximum energy savings, including RUC98i, RUR199i, RU160i, and RU180i.
  • Hybrid Tank-Tankless Series: Combining the benefits of both tank and tankless systems, models include RH180, RH180 Hybrid.

Direct Vent Wall Furnaces

  • EX Series: Suitable for smaller areas needing consistent heat, models are EX08C, EX11C, EX17C, and EX22C.
  • EX38C: This powerful model is designed for larger spaces, providing efficient and reliable heating.

Condensing Boilers

  • I Series: Versatile for both heating and domestic hot water, models include I120CN, I150SN.
  • M Series: Compact models designed for efficient heating solutions, including M090CN, M120CN.

Rinnai offers a broad range of models within each of its series, catering to various heating needs with efficiency and reliability. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of all Rinnai models by series, complete with their model numbers. ROMA Heating & Cooling provides full services for these models across the Greater Vancouver area.

Tankless Water Heaters

High Efficiency Series (HE)

  • RL75i (Interior)
  • RL75e (Exterior)
  • RL94i (Interior)
  • RL94e (Exterior)
  • V65i (Interior)
  • V65e (Exterior)
  • V75i (Interior)
  • V75e (Exterior)

Super High Efficiency Series (SE)

  • RUC98i (Interior)
  • RUC98e (Exterior)
  • RUR199i (Interior)
  • RUR199e (Exterior)
  • RU160i (Interior)
  • RU160e (Exterior)
  • RU180i (Interior)
  • RU180e (Exterior)

Hybrid Tank-Tankless Series

  • RH180 – Hybrid Tank-Tankless Water Heater

Direct Vent Wall Furnaces

EX Series

  • EX08C
  • EX11C
  • EX17C
  • EX22C

EX38 Series

  • EX38C

Condensing Boilers

I Series

  • I120CN – Boiler (Combi)
  • I150SN – Boiler (Heating only)

M Series

  • M090CN – Boiler (Heating only)
  • M120CN – Boiler (Heating only)

Why Choose ROMA Heating & Cooling for Rinnai Models?

Expert Installation and Service: Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the specifics of Rinnai’s product line, from tankless water heaters to sophisticated condensing boilers. We ensure that each installation or service session maximizes the efficiency and longevity of your Rinnai system.

Comprehensive Maintenance: We provide thorough maintenance checks and services to keep your Rinnai appliances in optimal condition, enhancing performance and preventing unexpected downtime.

ROMA’s Rinnai Services in Greater Vancouver

Installation Services

Our certified technicians ensure that your Rinnai installations are performed meticulously to meet both safety standards and your comfort needs. Whether it’s a new build or a system upgrade, trust ROMA to deliver expert installation services.

Maintenance and Repairs

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your heating system. ROMA offers comprehensive maintenance services, including seasonal check-ups, repairs, and emergency responses to keep your Rinnai unit in top condition.

Troubleshooting and Replacements

Encountering problems with your Rinnai system? ROMA’s skilled technicians can diagnose and solve any issue, providing swift and effective troubleshooting and replacement services using genuine Rinnai parts.

Serving All Major Locations in Greater Vancouver

ROMA Heating & Cooling proudly serves the entire Greater Vancouver region, including:

Why Choose ROMA Heating & Cooling?

  • Expertise: Over 25 years of experience in HVAC services, specializing in Rinnai systems.
  • Reliability: Fast, dependable service across all areas of Greater Vancouver.
  • Quality: Only genuine Rinnai parts are used, ensuring the best performance and durability of your system.

Contact Us Today

For all your Rinnai service needs in Greater Vancouver, trust ROMA Heating & Cooling. Reach out to us at info@romaheating.ca or visit our location on Google Maps for a free estimate. Our team is standing by to ensure your heating system provides the comfort and efficiency you expect.

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