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At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we specialize in providing top-tier heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients throughout British Columbia. Our deep commitment to excellence is reflected in our partnership with the industry’s leading brands. We proudly sell, install, repair, and service units from globally renowned manufacturers including Lennox, Trane, Carrier, Viessmann, Ruud, Rinnai, Navien, York, Goodman, Daikin, Rheem, Bryant, and Amana. Each of these brands is synonymous with quality and reliability, and we are equipped to bring their exceptional products and services directly to your doorstep.

Lennox: Innovating Comfort Solutions

As an authorized dealer of Lennox HVAC systems, ROMA Heating & Cooling provides an extensive range of products including energy-efficient furnaces, air conditioners, and more. Known for innovation, Lennox offers solutions that enhance comfort while reducing utility bills through high efficiency. Whether you need installation of a new system or repairs and maintenance of existing equipment, our certified technicians ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Lennox products.

Trane: Built to Last

Trane is another flagship brand we work with, recognized for its durability and performance. From robust heat pumps to air conditioning systems, Trane products are designed to withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining comfort. At ROMA, we offer comprehensive Trane solutions, from precise installation to scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs, ensuring your system operates flawlessly year-round.

Carrier: Pioneering Heating and Cooling

Carrier has paved the way in air quality and temperature control technology. As a dealer, ROMA Heating & Cooling provides a full suite of Carrier products, including advanced air conditioners, furnaces, and HVAC systems tailored to both residential and commercial settings. Our expert team is on hand to guide you through the selection process, installation, and ongoing maintenance to maximize your comfort and system efficiency.

Viessmann: Premium Heating Technology

Viessmann is renowned for its high-quality boilers and heating systems that offer superior performance and environmental sustainability. ROMA Heating & Cooling specializes in Viessmann installations, providing energy-efficient solutions that fit perfectly into your home or business. From initial consultation to installation and aftercare, we ensure your Viessmann equipment delivers optimal heating efficiency.

Ruud: Reliable and Robust

Ruud is one of the largest manufacturers of HVAC equipment in the United States, and ROMA Heating & Cooling is proud to be a trusted dealer. We offer a wide range of Ruud products, from air conditioners to furnaces, all designed to provide reliable and cost-effective heating and cooling. Trust us to install, maintain, and repair your Ruud systems with expertise and care.

Rinnai: Innovating Heating Solutions

Rinnai is a leader in manufacturing state-of-the-art tankless water heaters and home heating appliances. At ROMA, we provide comprehensive Rinnai services, from installing high-efficiency water heaters to servicing existing units. Experience continuous hot water and reduced energy costs with our Rinnai solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Navien: Excellence in Efficiency

Navien excels in producing innovative and eco-friendly tankless water heaters and condensing boilers. ROMA Heating & Cooling ensures that your Navien products are installed with precision and maintained for maximum efficiency and longevity. We help you enjoy the benefits of Navien’s advanced technology with our expert installation and repair services.

York: Tradition and Innovation

York’s wide range of air conditioning and heating solutions are well-suited for creating comfortable and healthy indoor environments. As an authorized York dealer, ROMA Heating & Cooling ensures that every installation, maintenance, or repair job is handled with the utmost professionalism, enhancing the efficiency and lifespan of your York HVAC systems.

Goodman: Affordability Meets Quality

Goodman is known for providing high-quality HVAC systems at a cost-effective price point. ROMA Heating & Cooling extends this value to you through expert installation, maintenance, and repair of Goodman products, ensuring dependable comfort without breaking the bank.

Daikin: Pioneering Heating and Cooling Technologies

As a world leader in air conditioning and heating technologies, Daikin offers innovative, energy-efficient systems. ROMA Heating & Cooling proudly provides Daikin solutions, helping you achieve superior air quality and climate control in your residential or commercial property. Whether it’s installation or service, our skilled technicians ensure your Daikin systems perform at their best.

Rheem: Proven Innovation

Rheem is highly regarded for its comprehensive range of HVAC systems that offer comfort, efficiency, and savings. ROMA Heating & Cooling is skilled in integrating Rheem technologies into your home or business, ensuring efficient operation and longevity of your heating and cooling systems.

Bryant: Dependable Heating and Cooling

Bryant has long been a trusted name in both residential and commercial HVAC markets, known for robust and reliable HVAC systems. ROMA Heating & Cooling offers full-service solutions for Bryant products, from installation to routine maintenance and repairs, all aimed at maintaining optimal performance.

Amana: Lasting Performance

Amana’s HVAC solutions are designed to deliver long-lasting performance and comfort. At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we specialize in Amana’s range of high-quality, durable air conditioning and heating products. Trust us to deliver expert installation and maintenance that ensure your Amana systems provide reliable comfort year after year.

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