Burnaby Furnace Service and Maintenance

Roma Heating has been the best company in furnace service and maintenance in Burnaby since 1995. We have 80,000 clients that we have served throughout the years. We have serviced a huge number of furnaces, from the exceptionally old to the new gas furnace available today. we have authorized professionals, reinforced gas fitters experienced in servicing, maintenance and investigating of each sort of HVAC system and unit.

Burnaby Furnace Service and Maintenance Savings

How to save money.

Ordinary service and maintenance not only keep the system running easily, but it also reduces breakdowns, saving you money in the long run. Normal furnace service and maintenance will also broaden the life of your furnace so you don’t need to replace it. Call us with your questions.

Burnaby Furnace Service and Maintenance Expertise

This is how we can help you.

Situated in Burnaby, Roma Heating gives the skill to design the best service and maintenance plan for your heating system just as to investigate any issues that may emerge. Standard furnace service incorporates safety checks, ensuring they are not consuming an excessive amount of gas, the furnace isn’t over-fired or underfired, and the furnace is working at its efficient level. While our experts are at your home, they can guarantee that venting systems are spotless and working effectively, speed settings are practical and cost-proficient, and thermometer settings work accurately. You can find out our completely point by point service plans on this site.

Burnaby Furnace Service and Maintenance FAQ

How do I know what size filter my furnace needs?

The right filter size will be determined in the manual that accompanied your furnace. In any case, these manuals regularly get lost and if your furnace is an old one, the data may have changed meanwhile. We recommend reaching us with the goal that we can clarify everything. We could also propose a standard help and service plan with the goal that you won’t ever need to stress over a filter until the end of time.

How do I change the filter on my furnace?

It depends on the age and model of your furnace. It is simple to change the filters, but you need to ensure you supplant them with the correct ones. Some companies introduce inappropriate ones at first, so supplanting them with a similar size and brand may not be the best choice. Why not call us today to talk with one of our expert agents who will prompt the best solution for your concern.

What does a furnace service entail?

The professional will check and set the thermostat in an appropriate range of familiarity. The electrical connections, voltage, and current, the different control units to ensure they are working effectively. All the gas connections, and the burners and heat exchangers for cleanliness and any potential breaks. The professional will also check the filter to ensure there are no blocks. What’s more, the expert will grease up the motor and other moving parts to guarantee the smoothness of activity.

We provide your ideal maintenance plan

Roma Heating Also offers furnace repair 

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