January 22, 2020

Burnaby Furnace Repair

Burnaby Furnace Repair

Roma Heating and Air Conditioning has been the Burnaby’s furnace repair contractors for about 20 years.

Burnaby Furnace Repair Problems – Here’s is how we can help

Roma Heating and Air Conditioning provides 24/7 emergency furnace repair services in Burnaby. All our furnace repairs are including guaranteed and also return visits are always free until the problem is resolved .This is only one of the many reasons we are the most trusted furnace repair specialists in Burnaby.

Burnaby Furnace Repair Problems – Danger Signs that you must keep an eye on

These danger signs are important signals that you need a Burnaby furnace repair contractor to check:

Broken valves
Carbon monoxide
Gas leaks
Inconsistent performace
Intermittent shutting on and off
Leaking water
Loud noises
No heat
Ruptured pipes
Strange Rumbles
Thermostat malfunction


Why Call  Exports Of Burnaby’s Furnace Repair Contractors – FAQ’s

We really care about your problems with our furnace in burnaby and we spend time to listen to your particular problems and provide fast solutions to heating and furnace repair issues. Below are just some of the most frequent calls of furnace repair problems we receive.

The question is Why is my furnace not turning on? We highly suggest to call us today to arrange a furnace inspection and consultation.

Roma Heatin’s Answer is : This problem could be because of several important things.

this kind of furnace problem may be a simple one and no need for extensive furnace repair. Romaheating’s highly trained furnace technicians will advise you about a regular service schedule in order to prevent unnecessary furnace repairs.

How important is to hire a licensed furnace repair technician?

The answer is very important. All our Romaheating’s technicians are trained and licensed gas fitters. our technicians have both experience and license for all kind of heating and furnace repairs.we are also expert at boilers, tankless water heaters,gas fireplaces,heat pumps and hot water tanks.

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