Boiler Services in Coquitlam

Boiler Services in Coquitlam

Ensuring your boiler is efficiently and safely heating your Coquitlam property is essential, particularly during the colder months. At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we provide a range of boiler services that cater to both residential and commercial needs, from regular maintenance checks and timely repairs to complete boiler system replacements. Our professional team is committed to delivering quality and reliability in every service call.

Importance of Expert Boiler Services

Properly servicing your boiler is key to maintaining its efficiency, extending its lifespan, and ensuring safe operation:

  • Efficiency: Servicing keeps your boiler running at optimal efficiency, helping to reduce energy costs.
  • Longevity: Regular maintenance can significantly extend the useful life of your boiler.
  • Safety: Boilers that aren’t maintained can pose safety risks, including carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Reliability: Regular checks help avoid unexpected breakdowns, ensuring reliable heating.

ROMA Heating & Cooling’s Boiler Services in Coquitlam

We offer comprehensive services tailored to keep your boiler in top condition:

Regular Maintenance
  • Inspection Routine: We conduct detailed inspections to identify any potential issues before they become serious problems.
  • System Cleaning: Our service includes cleaning key components to enhance performance and efficiency.
Repair Services
  • Troubleshooting: We quickly diagnose issues and determine the best solutions to repair your boiler effectively.
  • Component Repairs: From minor fixes to major repairs, our technicians ensure your boiler returns to optimal function.
Replacement and Installation
  • Assessment: We evaluate when a boiler replacement is more cost-effective than ongoing repairs.
  • Installation Expertise: Our skilled team installs new boilers with precision, adhering to all safety and building regulations.

In-Depth Maintenance Procedures

Comprehensive Checks
  • Operational Testing: We test boiler functions, including start-up and shut-off processes, to ensure they operate smoothly.
  • Safety Inspections: Regular safety checks are performed to prevent any hazards.

Tailored Repair Tactics

Common Boiler Issues
  • Leaks: Addressing leaks in the boiler or connected piping.
  • No Heat or Hot Water: Troubleshooting issues from thermostat malfunctions to failure of mechanical components.
Effective Solutions
  • Immediate Repairs: Quick response to repair needs to restore heating as soon as possible.
  • Long-Term Fixes: Solutions that not only fix the immediate problem but also prevent future issues.

Proactive Replacement Services

When to Consider a New Boiler
  • Aging System: Older boilers are less efficient and more prone to breakdowns.
  • Rising Repair Costs: When repairs become frequent and costly, replacement might be a more economical choice.
Installation Excellence
  • Efficient Models: We help you choose and install energy-efficient boilers that meet your heating needs and budget.

Advanced Service Technologies

Diagnostic Tools
  • Modern Techniques: Using the latest technology to diagnose and fix boiler issues accurately.
  • Customer Updates: Keeping you informed every step of the way with updates on diagnostics and repair status.


For all your boiler service needs in Coquitlam, trust the expertise of ROMA Heating & Cooling. We ensure your boiler system operates efficiently, safely, and reliably. Reach out to us today at or visit our location on Google Maps to schedule a service or consultation.

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