Boiler Service Port Coquitlam

For boiler service and maintenance, Roma heating is the best choice in Port Coquitlam. We began installing, servicing and fixing boiler systems more than twenty years ago. In the years from that point forward, we have fulfilled more than 80,000 clients. We consider them our family. Roma likewise has many solutions for furnaces, tankless units, gas fireplaces, rooftop units, and some other HVAC system. Call us today for—constantly—free suggestions and data. We are a member of FortisBC.

Boiler Service Port Coquitlam Facilitation

We can service every brand in Port Coquitlam. We use the latest technology which makes it easier to inspect your boiler. Tablet tech guarantees that no slip-ups are made and that nothing gets missed. The service continues in a standard systematic manner. A record is made of what is done and the customer gets a printout specifying each easily overlooked detail. The Roma help tech can suggest fixes or propose a few hints for boiler maintenance. And all expenses are recorded in detail.

Boiler Service Port Coquitlam Useful Advice

Our service specialists are reinforced, authorized gas fitters. Also, friendly and with an immense source of data. They can give you some tips on how to extend the life of your boiler, saving money and so on. In some cases, it is smarter to supplant a boiler part than to fix it. Sometimes it is smarter to supplant the whole boiler. The Roma service specialists can inform you concerning numerous alternatives to set aside your cash in the long run. Call Roma for some free and valuable counsel. Whenever of day or night.

Boiler Service Port Coquitlam Safety and Warmth

Service your boiler in Port Coquitlam once every year.  That is the advice of the B.C. Safety Authority.  It is crucial to detect gas leaks right away.  If you smell any new odors in the boiler area, call them.  And then call Roma Heating to send a service van to your home or office.  A regular service will also lower your gas usage as well as your energy bill.  And it will ensure your boiler continues to run smoothly. We can set up a service plan for your Port Coquitlam boiler.

Some questions you may have

What is done during a boiler service?

Our tablet innovation guarantees a multi-point boiler review. However, here are a few things we do. We check the burning air supply, the temperature on as far as a possible switch, zone valves and the funnels for any holes. We check and investigate the indoor regulator, weight and temperature, programmed air vents and evaporator fuel. At that point, we test all the safety controls, pump and grease, all the electrical wiring, and the pressure relief valve (for spills). Roma Heating would be glad to give you a total rundown of service checks. Call us!

We also provide boiler repair in Surrey.

Roma Heating offers free advice for a boiler repair in North Vancouver.

We repair your boiler in West Vancouver.


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