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Boiler Installation And Services

The most crucial appliance in your home is a boiler: besides, it warms your home, it also serves as your main source of hot water. It can be a major inconvenience when it stops working. That’s the most important case to get repairs or get a new one installed as quickly as possible.

Roma Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are committed to providing fast, accurate boiler installation and services. Roma Heating experts will help you choose the right unit size and model according to your needs. Each one of our boiler installation and repair technicians are the most experienced one who serving customers just like you, so you can rest assured that your boiler will be set up accurately and designed to work adequately for years to come.

Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services by Roma Heating

Don’t wait till you have the most important problems with your boiler before you call Roma Heating HVAC expert to repair it. Typical maintenance will help to keep your system running efficiently, safely, and reliably. It doesn’t need to wait for a breakdown to do a large repair, prevent it from ever happening with Roma Heating help!

Roma Heating annual boiler maintenance includes the following:
  1. We control inspection
  2. We valve maintenance and repair
  3. We switch maintenance and repair
  4. We combustion air requirements
  5. We piping inspection and repair
  6. We expansion tank inspection and repair
  7. We install or repair boiler Flooding

DO NOT attempt to operate the boiler even if any part of a boiler, burner or its controls has been sprayed with or submerged underwater, neither partially nor fully. It is better to wait until the boiler has been either replaced or completely repaired, inspected, and make sure that the boiler and all components are in good condition and fully reliable. Alternatively, by operating this boiler, you could cause a fire or explosion hazard or electrical shock hazards, this will lead to potentially serious injury, death, or substantial property damage.

Boiler Replacement Services by Roma Heating

If your boiler is old, worn out, inefficient or inaccurate sized, the most simple solution is to replace it with a modern high-efficiency model. Nowadays old coal burners that were switched over to oil or gas are prime candidates for replacement. These newer systems seem to be more efficient but are still likely to be stick out and can often be converted to lower their operating capacity.

You can be confident that every boiler installation job is realized to comply with local codes for your safety and support when you work with Roma Heating trusted team. While technology has changed over the years, Roma Heating still retains the same values and commitment to its customers by ensuring their peace of mind with every service.