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Best Furnace Installation Brands in British Columbia

In British Columbia, with its diverse climate ranging from the wet coastal weather to the colder, mountainous conditions, selecting an efficient and reliable furnace is essential for comfort and energy savings. ROMA Heating & Cooling, a trusted HVAC service provider in BC, offers expert installation of the best furnace brands suited to the region’s unique needs. This guide details the top furnace brands available in BC, their standout models, pricing, and an exclusive 15% discount from ROMA Heating & Cooling to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Leading Furnace Brands and Models for BC Homes and Businesses

1. Lennox

Renowned for: High efficiency and innovation. Popular Models:

  • Lennox SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace: This model boasts a 98.7% AFUE rating and Precise Comfort® technology that adjusts heating output in increments as small as 1% for ultimate comfort and efficiency.
  • Lennox EL296V High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace: With an AFUE rating of 96%, this model uses a variable-speed motor that reduces electrical use by two-thirds compared to a standard motor.

Pricing Before Discount: Typically ranges from $4,500 to $7,000 installed, depending on specific requirements and configurations.

2. Carrier

Renowned for: Durability and performance. Popular Models:

  • Carrier Infinity® 98 Gas Furnace with Greenspeed™ Intelligence: The most advanced Carrier furnace, with an AFUE rating up to 98.5% and superior adaptability to heating needs.
  • Carrier Performance™ Series Gas Furnaces: Offers reliable performance and an AFUE rating of up to 96.5%, a great balance of comfort and value.

Pricing Before Discount: Prices generally fall between $4,000 and $6,500 installed.

3. Trane

Renowned for: Robust construction and reliability. Popular Models:

  • Trane XV95 Series Gas Furnace: Features a variable-speed blower, two-stage heating, and an AFUE rating of up to 97%, making it one of the most efficient units.
  • Trane XL80 Gas Furnace: This two-stage furnace provides cost-effective heating with a durable build, perfect for BC’s varying climate.

Pricing Before Discount: Installation costs range from $3,800 to $6,000.

4. Rheem

Renowned for: Top-tier efficiency and value. Popular Models:

  • Rheem Prestige® Series Modulating Gas Furnace: Offers modulating heating to maintain more precise temperature control and efficient performance with an AFUE rating up to 98%.
  • Rheem Classic Plus® Series Single Stage Furnace: Known for its reliability and efficiency, with an AFUE rating up to 95%.

Pricing Before Discount: Installation prices vary from $3,500 to $5,500.

Exclusive 15% Discount from ROMA Heating & Cooling

To make high-quality heating more affordable, ROMA Heating & Cooling is pleased to offer an exclusive 15% discount on installation services for any of the models listed above. This discount is available across all major cities in BC, including:

Installation and Service Excellence

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on providing professional installation services that ensure your new furnace operates at peak efficiency. Our team of certified technicians will handle every aspect of the installation process, from initial assessment and choosing the right model to complete setup and detailed testing. Post-installation, we offer comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your system running smoothly, maximizing its lifespan and efficiency.


Choosing the right furnace is a significant decision for any homeowner or business in British Columbia. With ROMA Heating & Cooling, you can count on expert advice, professional installation, and exceptional value, especially with our exclusive 15% discount. For more details or to schedule a consultation, contact us today at info@romaheating.ca or visit our location on the map. Experience the best in home comfort with our top-recommended furnace brands and enjoy efficient, reliable heating throughout the chilly BC seasons.

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