Air conditioning Repair in Burnaby

Air conditioning Repair Burnaby Roma Heating has received the best comments on websites so far. We have a customer community near 80,000 for about 20 years. You can rely on us for every issue related to HVAC systems. We are experienced in furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, gas fireplaces, and rooftop units. We are the best choice for your repairing needs.


Air Conditioning Repair Burnaby Confidence

Roma Heating offers free counsels, free guidance and composed quotes. What’s more, we propose getting different quotes to check. We are accessible at any hour to fix your AC unit in Burnaby. All our work is completely ensured. There is no hazard to enlisting Roma Heating to fix your AC system in Burnaby. Our administration specialists are prepared Red Seal mechanics and furthermore simple to converse with. You can talk whenever. At the point when you consider AC fix in Burnaby, the name of Roma Heating ought to be at the highest priority on your rundown.

Air Conditioning Repair Burnaby Certification

All Roma Heating specialists are Red Seal certified. Red Seal is the HVAC. Our specialists additionally have numerous long periods of experience. They can fix any model of the HVAC framework or unit. What’s more, they train each day to keep up on the most recent developments in the field. They have to keep current with the most recent information to give you the best assistance. You can count on us to fix your AC unit in Burnaby.

Air Conditioning Repair Burnaby General Questions

As you need an air conditioning repair company, pose these inquiries:

  • Do you have insurance and a necessary license in BC? It’s an important question and you may be shocked by their answers.
  • How much does a repair cost? Make sure you’re given a written quote.
  • Do you offer any assurances? Be sure it is 100% assurance.
  • Would you be able to give me any references? Ask them if you can get in touch with them
  • Have you been in business for a long time? Our 22 years’ experience says everything

Some questions you may have

In the case my AC unit won’t turn on, does it need a fix or I would be able to fix it on my own?

First verify that any breakers have this situation, simply reset the breaker. if not, at that point watch that the thermostat is set to “Cool” and a temperature at least three degrees below the ambient room temperature. If the thermostat is battery controlled, change them with new ones. Verify that the power switch is “On.” If none of these solve the issue, call Roma Heating for some counsel. All our recommendation is openly given. What’s more, we will happily visit you to check the system in your home (or office).

We also provide boiler repair in Surrey.

Roma Heating offers free advice for a boiler repair in North Vancouver.

We repair your boiler in West Vancouver.


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