5 steps to inspect if your furnace Stops working

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There are 5 steps to inspect if your furnace halts working
• You are staying home but you are feeling frigid and wearing your warm clothes like thick
socks, you have a scarf around your neck, shaking because your furnace doesn’t work. What
can we do fix it? That’s the question.
• The best idea you can think of is to phone a specialist to repair it but there are some things
you can do before calling.
• Five familiar things can result in your furnace to stop working and you don’t need an expert to
fix it.
1. Filthy furnace filters
• Is your furnace blasting but not blowing out heat as tough as usual? Dirty air filters are
frequently the trouble behind an inefficiency to run the furnace.
• That’s because air filters catch dust, filth and garbage like fur, which by the laps of time can
hinder or prevent essential airflow, overheating the heat exchanger and prohibiting your
furnace from operating as it should.
• Every three month, or suggested by the factory, filters must be altered.